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Many – really many – years ago I graduated in Switzerland as a veterinarian.  I worked in different practices for small and big animals.  My life revolved entirely around animals – and still does to a smaller part today through my interest and respect toward animals of all kinds.

During my college years I co-founded a group whose goal was to inform potential and actual animal owners about their duties and pleasures by having pets.  The decision if, when and why to get a pet is more complex than one would think.  We students wanted to help people make the right choice about the kind of pet that fits them the best in their specific life situation and for the time to come.

Well, my life changed in the meantime several times.  I don’t work as veterinarian anymore, but I still keep an important part of my heart open for animals.  In my eyes pets deserve our respect – and our knowledge about their special needs and their personalities.

As I said I originally come from Switzerland, so my first language isn’t English.  Still I hope that I can share with you my knowledge about animals and their behaviors.  My goal is to provide you with information about all kinds of pets, their nature and personality, their needs and requirements.  And I want to offer you the results of my research about all the equipment, items, food and details you need to have or to know about in order to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Every post is always kept up to date allowing you to find the current items as described in the posts.  Nevertheless there will always be some items that temporarily aren’t available.  Through the here given links you will be able to find more similar products.

I invite you to visit my other blog Little Big Life, thank you.

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Top 4 Small/Medium Bird Cages around $50

start-photoJust as we love our homes our pet birds love their cage as home which makes the design of the cage for your bird very important. Here are the most important points you need to know before choosing your bird cage.

First of all the perfect bird cage needs to provide enough space for your bird to move around, to fully extend their wings inside the cage. Additional space is needed for bird toys, dishes, perches and other places your birds love to hang out such as swings or nests.

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Top 3 Dog Muzzles around $15

start-photoDog muzzles prevent dogs from biting themselves, other pets, you or other people, in worst case children. Why are dogs biting? Well, there are several answers to this question. The most frequent situation is actually not what people might think. It’s not because of aggression. Most often dogs bite out of fear.

Dogs may bite because they are afraid of special kinds of handling they don’t like such as nail cutting, ear cleaning and others. Very often dogs bite because they don’t understand what you are doing with them. In this case be patient, use first a muffler until your dog learns that you do no harm.

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Top 3 Snacks for Rabbits around $3

2One way fighting boredom with rabbits is to offer them snacks,, healthy snacks of course. Snacks cannot replace full food but they are important as additional nutritional treat and as chewing toy.

Giving your little rabbit healthy snacks keeps them from chewing or nibbling your furniture or worse left lying about cords. Of course you can give these snacks to guinea pigs and chinchillas as well.


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Top 5 Reptile Resting Places between $5 and $20

start photoReptiles need a space where they can rest, sleep, recover and of course hide.  A very important need of your reptile, to which you need to pay attention.  Reptile resting places are a must for your reptile aquarium or terrarium.  Even more than any deco item you add to it.

There are so many different variations of reptile resting places available.  You can find comfortable hammocks even with ladders to climb up or caves with a real life look.  It’s amazing.

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Top 5 Dog Ball Launchers under $10

start photoThe most obvious reason why you could get a ball launcher is for your comfort.  Honestly, a ball launcher makes throwing balls for your dog’s exercise much easier on your arm and hands.  Using these great ball launchers you will see that throwing balls for your dog will be more fun for you too.

And yes, ball launchers are great for your dog, exactly because of that.  Because it is more fun for you.  Dogs are eager to learn and to please you.  They just love to do something with you, and bringing balls back is one of their favorite exercises.  This is the second advantage of ball launchers besides being fun for your and your dog.  Your dog will get more exercise and will therefore be healthy and happy.

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Top 5 Perches for Birds around $10

start photoBirds of all sizes need entertainment, fun, play to relieve cage stress and boredom.  Providing perches for your pet bird is an important service you can your beloved bird.  Perches come in all kind of forms and materials which is great because you can offer your bird different styles or perches in order to find out which one he likes the best.

If a perch is flexible and pendable you have the opportunity to place it just everywhere in the cage in every form you can imagine.  For your bird this is a great thing to be busy with, finding it in different forms and positions.  Birds are curious by instinct, and they like to figure things out.  With a great perch you can provide a perfect item of fun and play.  What do you need to know about bird perches?  Here are some tips for you.

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Top 3 Small Cat Litter Boxes around $6

start photoThere are different scenarios in the life of your cat where you might need a small cat litter box.  Generally it is recommended that you should get a big enough litter box for your cat.  So your cat feels comfortable moving around in it. (photo found on pinterest)

Many cat owners like to start with a small cat litter box though.  Kittens learn faster to use a litter box when the stepping in and getting out happens easily.  Many of the available models offer a lower side for easy access.  Older cats might prefer a small cat litter box.

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Tip for Horse Owners: How to keep your horse in frightening situations calm

start photo1For horses frightening situations can occur when you even wouldn’t think of it being so scary.  You might need to lead your horse through a noisy place.  Also guiding your horse into a horse box trailer and out of it can be intimidating.  Working in a horse clinic I encountered numerous situations like that.  Sometimes just parading in front of the veterinarian was enough for some horses to be frightened and to try to flee.

First of all you need to be aware that horses have specific instincts.  They are prey animals.  That means they most likely try to flee as first reaction in dangerous or unfamiliar situations.  There are of course situations where a horse will fight, most often when flight is not tenable or when they want to protect their offspring.  But these situations are probably more rare when handling your horse.  Well, how do you handle your horse to keep him calm and trustful?

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Top 4 Chew Toys for Rabbits around $5

start photoYou don’t know how funny it can be to see bunnies when they play, run around, chase a toy ball or chew on it until you watched them.  Rabbits are very playful and explorative, and they need to live their playful side and drive to explore in order to stay mentally and physically healthy and happy.

(photo found on Pinterest)

Chew toys are perfect for rabbits because they provide a big variety of material to chew on and to play around with.  Rabbits are curious animals, eternally curious.  So, they need to find out what the things are they encounter, and they want to find it out by playing with it and by chewing it.  It’s their instinct.  You can observe this behavior also with wild rabbits outside your home.

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Top 4 Food for Goldfish under $10

start photoYour goldfish needs a nutritionally balanced staple diet.  Fortunately the Top brands offer exactly that.  So if you’re looking for a great food for your goldfish you should find many options.  I put together the Top 4 Food for Goldfish that are currently available that provide health-enhancing blends.

Finally it is your goldfish deciding which fish food it likes the best.  So just trying out different brands is the best way to go.  What do you need to know about feeding your goldfish and keeping him healthy and happy?  Here are some tips for you.

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