Great Dog Crate Cover

MidWest Polyester Dog Crate CoverWhen do you need to cover your dog‘s crate with a dog crate cover? By covering your dog‘s crate you create a „den-like“ atmosphere for your dog which can help reduce anxious behavior such as barking and chewing and will also help teach a puppy about sleeping time.

You might also be interested in a dog crate cover when you go camping with your dog or visiting friends and family. A covered crate creates for your dog privacy, security and comfort that dogs need and desire.

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Top 3 Bird Mirrors around $5

Amrka Pet Bird MirrorHow often do you take a look in the mirror? Well, you don‘t need to answer, I just wanted to lead over to the fact that birds actually are similar. Birds love to look into a mirror and play with their reflection.

For birds though it‘s not about controlling their looks, it is about play and fun. For many pet birds such as Parakeets and Cockatiels that are social birds a mirror may take the place of a missing bird friend.

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Top 3 Terrarium Liners or Roll out the Carpet for your Reptile

Zilla Terrarium Liner GreenRoll out the carpet for your pet reptile! I mean this literally.

For your reptile‘s terrarium you need in any case some kind of material for the terrarium‘s floor. This material might be something loose like sand or gravel or it could be a terrarium liner.

What are the advantages of a terrarium liner for you and your pet reptile? Let‘s take a closer look.

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Surprise your Cat with this Sphere Cat Tower

Sauder Natural Sphere Cat TowerI found this natural sphere cat tower and was instantly intrigued. It looks like a great place every cat would love to have and at the same time it definitely is an aesthetic eye catcher for your home, wouldn’t you agree.

This natural sphere cat tower just comes with everything a cat is dreaming of: a cozy soft covered place to hide and nap, holes to jump in and look out and a scratching pole leg.

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Top 2 Horse Fly Masks around $30

Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask with EarsGenerally when it comes to horse fly masks you have the choice between a so-called quiet-ride horse fly mask and full-face covering mask that‘s used on the pasture. The difference is obvious.

The quiet-ride fly mask gives your horse free vision.

The standard fly mask on the other hand covers most often not just the horse‘s face but also the ears totally.

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Why Dwarf Hamsters go crazy for this healthy Food

Vitakraft Dwarf Hamster FormulaDwarf hamsters are the cutest pets you can find. To make sure that your little furry guy stays healthy and happy you need to find the best dwarf hamster food that‘s out there.

What does a good dwarf hamster food consist of and why do dwarf hamsters go crazy for this following food that is specially designed for dwarf hamsters?

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Top 3 Aquarium Water Circulation Pumps around $15

KEDSUM Aquarium Circulation Wave Maker PumpMy little goldfish loved the waves I made in the bathtub where he swum while I was cleaning his aquarium. He would have appreciated having an aquarium water circulation pump – and me too.

An aquarium water circulation pump does make fun waves and water flows in the aquarium for the joy and health of your fish.

It has as well a great cleaning purpose keeping the aquarium walls and the water clean just by the movement of the water.

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Top 2 Comfortable Dog Crates between $40 and $90

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog CrateDog crates are a must-have for both puppies and adult dogs. As dog owner you have many options to have and use a dog crate.

A dog crate provides more than just a safe personal space for your dog although this is an important reason to get one. The difference between a simple dog bed and a dog crate lies in the den-like space that a crate is creating making it more personal and more comfortable.

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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in January 2018

top 10

It‘s great to see what a wide variety of pets our readers care for! Thank you for visiting Animals Small and Big!

Take a look! Is your favorite post among the Top 10 most visited posts in January 2018?

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Know where your Dog is with a GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS Pet TrackerThose were the times when a roaming dog had escaped and the whole neighborhood was alerted and on watch to find and catch the escape artist. With a GPS pet tracker you certainly won‘t have any problems anymore finding your escape loving dog or cat.

Speaking of dogs: this tracker is perfectly suited for cats too. We just recently had a Flyer given to us asking for help to find an escaped cat that got frightened by an approaching thunderstorm.

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Top 3 Cat Outdoor Houses your Cats will love

Petsfit Outdoor Weatherproof Cat HouseSeeing a cat outdoor house you might first think of feral cats. Well, that‘s certainly one reason to get one of these cute outdoor cat houses. But there are indoor cats that like to be outdoors, they will appreciate having a great outdoor shelter too.

I was and I am always encouraging cat owners to let their cats go outdoors, to feel the wind around their whiskers and the grass under their feet. There is for cats so much to observe outdoors. Having a great outdoor cat house would make it certainly easier.

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Good Night Bird Cage Cover under $20

Prevue Hendryx Good Night Bird Cage CoverYou actually can train your bird to go to sleep with one simple handling: you cover your bird‘s cage with a bird cage cover. Simple and very efficient. Even though there are birds that don‘t like to be covered at all, most birds need to be covered for a good solid sleep.

The bird cage cover has to fulfill some requirements in order to be the best for you and your bird ensuring that your bird gets his full and necessary sleeping time for a good health.

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