When do Rabbits need Litter Boxes

Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet PanMany rabbit owners let their rabbits run freely all around their homes. This would be the moment when you might think about potty training your little indoor bunny. And yes, it is possible to potty train your bunny – and quite easy as I might add.

Here are some tips about how you can potty train your little rabbit friend and what kind of rabbit litter boxes you will need to do so.


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Top 3 Bird Food for Canaries

food for canariesI once was asked to pet-sit for a little Canary named Joggl during the vacation of his owner. First I was skeptical if the little bird will be comfortable enough in my apartment. But this little fluffball started to sing the moment I placed his cage in my living room. I became so used to his daily singing that I missed the little guy when the owner came back from vacation and picked Joggl up.

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Some things to know before buying a horse

buying a horseAre you thinking about getting a horse one day? You are not alone. This is the dream of so many people! I had this dream once, too. It was so strong that as teenager I tried to convince my father to look into getting a horse for us. We actually came even as far as finding my dream horse in Hungary. He was a 3-year-old brown gelding, a Hungarian breed called Kisber Felver. The horse‘s name was Baka.

It turned out that we didn’t meet the even the most basic requirement you need to care for a horse. What is this basic requirement and how can you meet it in order to actually being able to buy a horse.

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Fluorescent UVB Bulb for Reptiles

Sunbathing bearded dragonI was already writing about the necessity of reptiles of regular sunbathing due to their inability to produce their own heat internally. Reptiles need to obtain heat from the environment. Having a pet reptile such as a turtle, a bearded dragon or snakes you need to provide heat sources for this reason.

There is something else you will need to provide your pet reptile that‘s as vitally essential as heat. That is light. Light emitting UVB as a matter of fact. Why does your pet reptile need UVB light and what exactly is that?

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Top 3 Adult Dry Dog Food

Adult Dry Dog FoodAfter speaking about the best adult wet dog food now it‘s time to take a closer look at adult dry dog food. What you feed your dog is of utmost importance for your dog‘s health and happiness. That‘s no secret of course.

Another open secret is that ultimately it‘s your dog choosing what he likes the most. The real challenge for you as dog owner is to find the right balance between healthy food and the liking of it by your dog. I have some tips for you how to find out which food might be the best for your dog and offer the Top 3 adult dry dog food available.

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Bestsellers in April 2017

bestsellerI’m always drawn to bestseller lists, they make me want to go through all positions, and it doesn’t matter to me how long the list is.

Well, I now can present my list of the best selling items on Animals Small and Big that people chose and purchased in April 2017.

I invite you to take a look at what has made its entry to the bestseller list of April 2017.

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Cat Harness with Leash for Travels and Walks

traveling with catAs with dogs there are some rules you have to be aware when you want to take your cat on an airplane. These rules require that you have to use a cat leash or cat harness for stress-free traveling with your cat. The best choice is to get a cat harness with leash that fits your cat perfectly.

There are of course more situations where you might need a cat harness. Let‘s take a closer look at those moments and how you and your cat handle them the best.

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Horse Rain Sheet

Thoroughbred with foalGiven the Kentucky Derby is happening this weekend I thought it was appropriate to reflect on my own experience with a retired Thoroughbred mare I once had the pleasure to exercise daily for 4 years. Her name was Csa Csa. Sounds Hungarian? Yes, she came originally from Hungary, but was racing in her younger years in Switzerland. She retired in a small Thoroughbred stud farm in Switzerland where she gave birth to Thoroughbred foals every year.

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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in April 2017

top 10

It‘s great to see what a wide variety of pets our readers care for! Thank you for visiting Animals Small and Big!

Take a look! Is your favorite post among them?

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Top 3 Reptile and Amphibian Diet Supplements

wild amphibian eatingThe question is why do reptiles and amphibians in our care need diet supplements that add vitamins and minerals to their food at all. To answer this question we have to look at wild reptiles and amphibians in nature. They eat a much more varied and therefore more nutritious food than pet reptiles and pet amphibians.

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What you need to know before getting a ferret

ferret as petA dear friend of mine was visiting my blog and mentioned that her favorite pet would be a ferret. Why? Because they are so cute, so lively and playful. She is right, of course. Ferrets can be great pets. They are by nature cuddly and just love to play endlessly with you. Their energy sometimes seems to be limitless. As ferret owner you might get faster tired than your little furry friend.

Nevertheless ferrets have a unique character and special needs and requirements which makes a ferret not the right pet for everyone. There are some things you need to know before you decide to get a ferret for yourself or your family.

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Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium KitThe overall look of an aquarium is mostly pleasing to the fish owner‘s eyes. I speak from personal experience. The very first aquarium I had for my little goldfish was round, but well, just round. There was nothing fancy about it.

At that time there weren’t may different models of aquariums available and my goldfish was happy enough with his small aquarium. He entertained himself by producing bubbles and then chasing them all over his little fish tank.

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