Best Reptile Carrier

Repitat Reptile Carrier with Cover and HandleThere are moments in the life of your pet reptile or pet amphibian when you need to transport him. These moments are most often perceived as very stressful for your little reptile and for you. But you need to bring them from time to time to a vet or to your pet sitter maybe.

A reptile carrier is the answer to this situation that makes transporting your little pet reptile really easy. Make sure though that a reptile carrier is not meant for living. You shouldn’t keep your reptiles in it longer than you need for the transport.

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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in August 2017

top 10

It‘s great to see what a wide variety of pets our readers care for! Thank you for visiting Animals Small and Big!

Take a look! Is your favorite post among them?

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Colorful Dog Poncho

Handmade Dog Poncho from Authentic Mexican BlanketSometimes we just want our dogs to look great. I know, they  always look great. But if we can add some beauty to their looks, it’s even better. Well, with this colorful unique dog poncho you will for sure not just beautify your little dog friend but also get lots of compliments.

I invite you to scroll down in this short post just to enjoy all the pictures of all kinds of dogs wearing this cute poncho. Of course besides beautifying your dog there are also other reasons why you could get your dog this poncho.

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Top 3 Mice Cat Toys

mouse hunting catCats just love to hunt mice. Once we pet-sitted two cats for several weeks, one of them was a real hunter. He greeted us everyday with a prey – with subtle pride notabene. Most often his victims were mice. Did I tell that he was a great hunter? You can awaken this instinct even in your indoor cats by giving them mice cat toys.

Cats forget time and place when they are into their play. What better idea than to give your little cat friend a mouse toy that looks so real that you need to remember yourself that it isn’t.

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Best Horse Hoof Hardener

Frisian horseI already wrote about my time in a horse clinic back in Switzerland. One of my most agreeable memories is about a mare called Dielke. She was a Frisian horse. Well, that says it all. She was a beauty! A black heavy horse with an incredibly big heart. Everybody loved her kindness and patience.

She was a carriage horse which work led over time to cracked hooves. That‘s why she stayed at the clinic – for intensive hoof care. Every day we fought over the right to apply the horse hoof hardener to her hooves. It’s quite easy, you can do it yourself for your horse.

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Magnetic Gecko Diet Feeder

gecko habits and instinctsGeckos might not be the most common pets out there, but nevertheless there are many who love geckos, all sorts of geckos. Well, being a gecko owner is much fun, but it also brings duties. Such as providing the basics in order to meet all the needs and requirements a gecko has to maintain his health and happiness.

A gecko diet feeder belongs to these basics. Geckos have specific habits and instincts. With the right gecko diet feeder you certainly help your little gecko friend to live them. Here are some points to consider.

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Top 3 Bird Playgrounds between $20 and $80

Cockatiel / Conure Playgym SophomoreWe never should underestimate the playful nature of birds. When birds play there is no limit to their fantasy and fun to explore – and it doesn’t matter how small or big the bird is.

As owner of a bird you certainly want to give your little feathery friend more freedom for moving around, for flying and for playing than he has in his cage. In this case a bird playground that you can place on the table top is a great idea – for your enjoyment and for your bird‘s fun.

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Why do Ferrets love to sleep in a Sleeper Tent

Sleep-E Tent Super SleeperGetting a ferret as pet is always exciting. They‘re such energetic animals, they love to play and explore endlessly. This is the reason why many households with ferrets are made ferret-proof the moment these adorable little guys enter the home.

Well, ferrets are fireballs, always moving around, running, jumping and playing. Not always, actually. Ferrets sleep many hours a day – maybe to be able to be so energetic during waking hours.

There are some points you need to know about ferrets and their sleeping habits and why they need a sleeper tent.

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Travel Pet Pen for Cats and Dogs

Pet Gear Travel Pet Pen for Cats and DogsIt‘s still travel time, well for some it‘s always travel time. You may be traveling the country with your RV and you may have a dog or a cat as companion. Traveling with a pet is always a challenge. Surely you want to provide your dog or cat the best possible travel experience – whatever situation might occur.

With a travel pet pen you can offer your little friend a safe and secure place while your RV or car is moving. There are other moments in your dog‘s or cat‘s life where you might need a pet pen.

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Top 3 Dog Rope Leashes 6 feet

ZippyPaws Mountain Climbing Rope Dog LeashI already wrote about retractable dog leashes that are perfect for small to medium sized dogs. With large dog breeds you might though look for a strong rope leash that holds against strong pulling or even chewing.

There are some requirements that a dog rope leash should fulfill in order to be comfortable in your hand and to withstand your dog‘s strength.

At first glance a dog rope leash may display a simple design but it never should be made of simple materials. It‘s nothing more than a rope and a clip, but they should be made of the best quality possible.

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Feed Bin for Horse-, Goat- and Alpaca-Food

Feeding horses on pastureIf you own large animals such as horses, alpacas, llamas or a herd of goats, sheep or cattle, you probably keep large quantities of feed. Where do you keep it? In your barn or outdoors close to the pasture in bags or open in a wooden crate? In this case you also most certainly know the problem of feed contamination through weather or infestation through rodents, such as mice and raccoons.

There is a way to avoid keeping your animal feed exposed. A feed bin of a large but still workable size is the answer to how to keep large animal feed in a safe and practical way.

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Best Guinea Pig Habitat

MidWest Guinea Habitat PlusGuinea pigs are kind of a guarantee for endless hours of fun. Keeping guinea pigs happy isn’t very difficult. With the right guinea pig habitat you already have a stable basis for creating health and happiness for your little furry friends.

I still remember when my nephew got his first two guinea pigs. He was immediately into creating the best habitat possible for his new friends.

As being a first time guinea pig owner there are some things you need to know about all the important facts around a good guinea pig cage.

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