Best Pet Grooming Brush

Rosmax Self Cleaning Pet Grooming BrsuhAlright, I admit, it might really look a bit weird to have whole post just about a pet grooming brush. But you know what, it‘s not so weird. I have some stories and tips around it that could give you ideas of how to use a pet grooming brush.

Yes, you read right. A pet grooming brush is not just a pet grooming brush – meaning it definitely can have a healthy impact on your pet and a great impact on your mutual friendship. Did I intrigue you? Good.

pet grooming brush

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Top 2 Reptile Heating Mats around $10

Vipe Reptile Heating PadAs you know reptiles need warmth as well as amphibians and insects because they can’t produce their own body heat and rely on outside sources for warmth. With a reptile heating mat you create a specific spot in your pet‘s terrarium.

With a reptile heating mat you provide the proper temperature for your specific pet reptile, amphibian or insect. Know the heating requirements for your reptile friend in order to offer the right warmth.

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Top 3 Outdoor Window Bird Feeders around $20

Tranquil Outdoors Large Window Bird FeederWhen do you need an outdoor bird feeder? Knowing that with an outdoor bird feeder you help birds staying healthy and well fed, the answer to the question is: in winter months!

When snow covers the ground birds have a hard time to find seeds to feed themselves properly. With an outdoor bird feeder you step in supporting wild birds to get through the cold and hard winter months. And! With an outdoor bird feeder that is mounted on the window you have the enjoyment to watch and observe the birds visiting you.

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How to keep your Dog from excessive Barking

excessive dog barkingDogs don‘t bark! Are you surprised? It‘s true, dogs don‘t bark by nature, we teach them to bark. I will explain this fact later in this post and show why dogs bark and how you can stop a dog from excessive barking with an anti-barking device.

The thing is that dogs do bark around us, everywhere and often excessively. As dog owner or as neighbor you want to get a dog‘s excessive barking under control.

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Top 3 Deluxe Hamster Houses around $15

Hamiledyi Deluxe Hamster HouseI already wrote in another post – Why do hamsters need Hamster Wheels – about the urge of hamsters to move and to run – a lot! That‘s one natural instinct of hamsters.

The other instinct is about playing. Hamsters love to play, they love to entertain themselves. As your pet they need be offered items that makes them play. A hamster house is certainly a great way to promote your hamster’s playfulness. Even better when it is a deluxe hamster house.

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Top Dental Chew for Dogs

PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Treats for DogsDogs love to chew, that‘s no secret. What‘s less known is that many dogs suffer from oral health issues.

With a dental chew you can help your dog to stay healthy and happy.

The great thing about dental chews is that they are healthy, dogs like them because they taste good and they answer your dog‘s need to chew on something. Good news for your dog’s health – and for your shoes!

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Cat Litter Disposal System

Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal SystemI know, everything around cat litter boxes is kind of an eternal theme for cat owners. You have to deal with it in any case. Either you accept that your cat litter emanates odor into your home or you try to eliminate the odor with a cat litter disposal system.

What exactly is a cat litter disposal system, how does it work and what are its advantages? Let me just say that many cat owners regret not discovered found this cat litter disposal system earlier.

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How to keep your Pet Bird entertained

AnnaEye Pet Bird Toy KitBirds need entertainment, they find it in your home playing with everything they can get their beaks on or they find it in their cages – if they have there great pet bird toys. This you may offer as single toy or as bird toy kit.

The plus of a pet bird toy kit is obvious. You have several bird toys in one which you might decide to offer your bird all at the same time or one after the after to keep your bird interested and curious.

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How to treat most common Fish Diseases

How to treat most common Fish DiseasesTo find out if your fish is healthy or not is actually quite easy. The thing is to not just find out that your fish is sick but to have a good general fish treatment at hand so you can react fast before you go to ask your vet for advice.

Rarely you will transport your fish to the vet, it‘s just not very practical. Luckily there are general fish treatments available that are working against most of the common fish diseases.

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Top 3 Dog Shoes/Boots under $20

dog shoes dog bootsYou have generally two ways to protect your dog‘s paws. You get an all-natural dog paw protection product or you get dog shoes or dog boots. Both have their advantages.

Why would you need to get your dog paw protecting shoes at all? And what do you have to make sure when you choose the right dog boots for your dog? I have the answers.

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Why a Cat Tower Toy is great for Cats

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat ToyI just love to find new cat toys like this cat tower of tracks toy. I mean, alone the name sounds like fun – and I can tell you it will be fun for your cat!

I remember back in Switzerland we had one day a cat owner coming into our vet office complaining that her cat must be ill because he shows no interest in playing.

Well, I wish I‘d have had this great cat tower toy just to explain better how you can activate a cat‘s instinct of playfulness.

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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in November 2017

top 10

It‘s great to see what a wide variety of pets our readers care for! Thank you for visiting Animals Small and Big!

Take a look! Is your favorite post among them?

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Best Way to provide fresh Water for Horses

water drinking horseProviding your horses with daily fresh water is an essential task. Not every horse owner has access to a river flowing through the pasture.

With an automatic waterer you might come the closest to natural access to water for your horses. And certainly making sure the water is clean.

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