Top 4 Donkey / Mule Fly Masks under $30

Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask for Mule DonkeyA fly protection mask for your donkey or mule is important both while riding and while turned out on the pasture or even while being stalled. Flies can be highly disruptive for your donkey or mule, making them nervous and jumpy. You can prevent that by putting a fly mask on your donkey or mule.

There are some points you have to consider before buying a fly mask for your donkey or mule.

Your choice of fly mask for donkeys depends on what you wish to be protected.

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Top 3 Bird Baths for Cage under $10

Lixit Quick Lock Bird BathBirds love to bathe by nature. You can easily watch it if you place a bird bath into your backyard and observe all the birds using it frantically – as I saw it in my backyard. Even dozens of pheasants visited our bird bath daily and scrambled to take a bath at the same time. Pure fun!

Well, your little pet bird is the same. Since your bird cannot clean himself in rain, a puddle or stream or just hop through wet grass you need to provide your little friend an appropriate bird bath. I have some tips for you about bird baths.

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Top 6 Wet Cat Food between $5 and $15

Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Wet Cat Food1Naturally both wet and dry cat food are nutritionally complete. The most obvious difference is the content of moisture which can vary even among wet cat food. If you see canned cat food called gravy you can be sure that the meat chunks are dipped into an added gravy. Well, many cats are just going crazy for that.

Here are some tips of how you should feed your cat with only wet food or combined wet and dry food.

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Top 3 Snake and Lizard Food around $50

feeding snake with frozen mouseYour pet snake and pet lizard needs special food. In nature they hunt and eat mice, rats and other small animals. The healthiest food you can offer your pet reptile are mice or rats.

As reptile pet owner you don’t want necessarily deal with the mess of feeding live rodents. Some reptile owners though like to even breed their own mice. If you’re not one of them you will be interested in frozen food for your snake or lizard. With frozen food for carnivore reptiles you also have the security of always having enough food for your snake or lizard at hand.

There are a few things you need to know about feeding your carnivore reptile, your snake or lizard.

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Tip for Dog Owners: Use a dog harness to stop your dog from pulling the leash

Petroad Dog Body HarnessI visited recently a dog owner who couldn’t control his dog while walking. Their walk was more a “dog walks man” than “man walks dog”. You know what I mean. This kind of pulling at the leash like crazy wouldn’t be so painful for the dog if he had a dog harness. But well, just having a dog harness doesn’t solve the pulling-the-leash problem.

A dog harness is nevertheless the better solution for any overly energetic dog than a simple leash or even a retractable leash. It is holding the body of the dog instead just his neck and feels definitely more comfortable for the dog.

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Top 3 Horse Hoof Picks between $5 and $15

Using horse hoof pickThere is no way you can get around picking and cleaning the hoofs of your horse. Daily. For me this part of the horse care was one of my favorite work around horses. Of course, the quality of the horse hoof pick is of first priority making this kind of horse care enjoyable or not.

A perfect horse hoof pick needs to be sturdy enough to be able to remove mud and stones compacted in the underside of the horse hoof. At the same time the horse hoof pick needs to be perfect for your hand. It shouldn’t be too big or too small. Most of the available horse hoof picks are made to fit in every hand, they are called to be ergonomically designed.

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Top 3 Travel Bird Cages

Caitec Bird CarrierThere are moments in the life of a pet bird when it needs to travel with you. In these moments you’ll need an appropriate travel bird cage or bird carrier of the right size. A bird carrier isn’t as big as a normal bird cage but it shouldn’t be too small either.

When do you need a bird carrier? Well, the most obvious reason is your regular trip to the vet. Bird owners also use it to bring their birds to work if their work day is longer than expected. In this case the bird really needs to love to be in the bird carrier or can be let free from time to time.

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Top 3 Terrarium Kit for Semi-aquatic Pets between $70 and $150

Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat KitWhen you start out with semi-aquatic pets, getting your first terrarium kit is certainly the easiest way to go. A terrarium kit for beginners comes most often with everything essential included.

Still, make sure by reading the item description and customer reviews if this is the case with the terrarium kit you choose for your little reptile pet.

Terrariums for semi-aquatic pets are different from the ones for aquatic pets. Semi-aquatic pets include salamanders, newts, frogs and some turtles. Before you get your terrarium starter kit make sure that your future pet is a semi-aquatic animal.

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Top 5 Adult Cat Dry Food around $20

Adult cat dry foodThere is one important fact you need to know as cat owner about how to feed your cat. And that’s the fact that cats are carnivores. Therefore, when you choose dry cat food you need to keep this little fact in mind.

It sounds so simple but there are misunderstandings out there telling that you can feed your cat the same you feed your dog. Well, that’s wrong. Cats need a lot of meat for protein and fat. The adult cat dry food needs to consist of meat, mostly meat. Dog food on the other hand is often loaded with fillers, carbohydrates, which cats cannot process well.

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Top 3 Mats for Rabbits under $8

Rabbit sitting on matAs a new rabbit pet owner you might be surprised but mats for rabbits actually have two purposes. One: your pet rabbit can rest on it. Two: your little rabbit can chew it until it’s gone.

Some rabbits don’t stop chewing it until its’ gone, others just like to gnaw a little a day and then use it for resting and maybe playing. It really depends on your rabbit and his habits how long their new mat will last. In any case it’s just fun to watch them discover the new mat!

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Top 3 Dog Shampoos around $15

Moochy Dog Complete Shampoo ConditionerDogs smell, there is no question about that. This is totally normal. Why? Although dogs do not sweat like humans, they still emit a perspiration from their hair. This perspiration is what we smell.

Every dog smells differently but they do smell, and this odor might be overwhelming for you and your family if you don’t wash your dog’s fur with an appropriate dog shampoo from time to time.

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Top 3 Small Animal Hideout Houses between $2 and $30

NiteangeL Tunnel System Small Animal HouseSmall animals such as mice, hamsters and gerbils need housing as a hideout in their cages. They need retreat opportunities for resting, nesting and playing. Many of the available houses for small animals allow to climb on them and explore them from all sides.

An important thought before choosing a model is that will it fit your pet’s cage, is it too big or too small for your personal situation. The retreat house shouldn’t take all space in your pet’s cage. Your pet needs still some place for playgrounds, chew toys and more.

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