Top 3 Adult Wet Dog Food

German ShepherdThis question always comes up when it‘s about feeding dogs. Is wet dog food better than dry dog food? And the answer is as complex as dogs are. There are so many tastes out there among dogs and of course health issues that make the answer to this question change from case to case. It‘s always a good idea to mix up though.

My list of the Top 3 adult wet dog food is specifically meant for adult dogs.

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What you need to know before getting a turtle

turtle in terrarium Today I‘d like to gather all information you need to know before getting a turtle.

Turtles are adorable animals. Who doesn’t love them! You see my personal attraction in all those posts I’ve written about turtles speaking about their food, turtle tanks and basking platforms. I can‘t deny it, I love turtles, well as I love all animals.

Being reptiles turtles have their very specialized set of needs. Every turtle owner needs to provide an excellent environment for their turtles in order to create a healthy and happy life.

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Why Cat Tunnels are important for Cats

Cat Tunnel For Big CatsCats are predators. They love to hide, to stalk, to hunt and to jump out from somewhere surprisingly. You can answer to this instinct need with a cat tree or a playpen or something more simple – and incredibly affordable – like a cat tunnel.

Cat tunnels are great for cats. They provide a private place where your cat can sleep in, and an endless playground inside and on top and a fun run-through place with holes to pop out. What more would a cat wish for?

So, what is the answer to the question why cat tunnels are important for cats? The answer is manifold. Cats need to be able to play for many reasons.

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Top 3 All-Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

dog and catCleaning the ears of dogs and cats when they visit the vet’s office belonged sort of to the additional customer service we offered our clients back in Switzerland. Often – I admit – this work was done at the end of the visit by the vet’s helper – or by vet students like me. I was one of those students who couldn’t wait getting the hands dirty – so to speak. I started working at a vet’s office when I was sixteen – and these works I did at that time: cleaning the ears of dogs and cats.

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Lizard Hammock Lounger

lizard on hammockIf you have a pet lizard, a bearded dragon or hermit crabs you might consider getting your pet a lizard hammock lounger. Lizards of all kinds just love to sunbathe or in their case better said warmth-bathe.

A lounger does not only provide a perfect place for your pet lizard to relax but also to climb. If you get more than one and hang them at different heights into your lizard‘s tank you will see how your little guy immediately climbs from one to the other. It‘s fun to see them explore their environment. So, what do you need to know about lizard hammock loungers?

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Large Flight Cage

bird cageA large flight cage belongs definitely to the pricier items you will buy for your bird. But it is very worth it because it surely will make your bird happy. First of all it’s important to know that the quality and of course cleanliness of the cage is very strongly connected to your bird’s health and well-being. I cannot emphasize this fact enough.

The perfect cage for your bird should allows him to stand comfortably, to move and open the wings freely. Besides to the overall size of the cage you also need to pay attention to the cage bars. Bars need to be enough narrow to prevent injury or escape and enough wide to make your bird wanting to climb. How can you find out if your little bird friend needs a large flight cage? I have some tips for you.

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Top 3 Himalayan Salt Lick for Horses

Indusclassic Himalayan Horse Salt LickYour horses need salt. You can provide them their essential minerals with a horse salt lick, best with a Himalayan Salt Lick for Horses.

Let’s speak about why salt is so important to horses? Generally it’s the same health requirement we people have with salt. Not eating salt at all is even more harmful to the body than eating too much salt – which by the way we know more about than the other option.

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Amber Cat Collar as natural Flea Repellent

outdoor catIt was toward the end of my veterinary study in Switzerland when I co-founded a group with the goal to spread the acceptance of alternative medicine for animals. Well, we focused on homeopathy and acupuncture for all kinds of pets.

This is the reason why I was instantly drawn to this cat collar for outdoor cats as flea repellent that is natural. This model is made of raw amber gems – and it works. Not just a little, it works impressively well.

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Heating Pad for Rabbits

Small Animal Outdoor Heated Pet Pad

When do you need a heated pad for your small animals like rabbits? Well, since the heating pads are made to be weatherproof you really can use them not only indoors but also outdoors which would make the most sense. Indoors you might use it when you keep your rabbits for example in the garage or basement where it can get colder.


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Top 3 Aquarium Substrate around $2 per pound

aquarium substrateYour aquarium needs a lot of attention in order to keep your fish or live plants in it alive and healthy. The choice of aquarium substrate, if gravel or sand, has an important impact not just on the visual look of your aquarium but also on the well-being of your fish and live plants. What do you need to know about aquarium gravel?

Here are some tips for you.

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How to keep your dog from being bored

keep your dog from being boredYour dog needs to be entertained. This sounds so simple and self-evident. Still, I know from my past experience as veterinarian that there are dog owners thinking that just letting their dogs run free in their backyard is enough entertainment for the dogs. Well, it isn’t.

If you just let your dog run alone in your backyard – even if it‘s several times a day – your dog will get bored, very soon. And a bored dog shows signs to which you have to pay attention and to which it is your duty to answer accordingly.

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Turtle Basking Platform

Penn Plax Turtle Basking PlatformWhy do turtles need a basking platform in their turtle tank? Basking is a natural behavior of turtles that’s important for them in order to stay healthy. Turtles are so-called cold-blooded and need therefore basking in the warmth. This would be somewhere in the sunshine in nature or on a basking platform under a heating lamp. It’s important to know that the basking platform only needs to be about 10 degrees F warmer than the water temperature in order to lure the turtles onto the platform.

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