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Best Books about how to Care for your Horse

How to care for a horseBeing a new horse owner or a soon-to-be horse owner you want to get your hands on every possible information about how to care for a horse. I was like that at the beginning of my riding and horse caring career. I checked out every available book about how to care for horses. I was eager to learn everything about horses and their care.

Since my post Some Things to know before buying a Horse was visited so often I like to add some more information for you all thinking about getting a horse.

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Himalayan Dog Chew

chewing dogDoes your dog also love to chew? On everything? Well, your dog joins with this behavior all other dogs out there. Chewing is something every dog does, it‘s a normal and healthy behavior. Puppies start chewing because of two important reasons. One is through chewing they explore their world. The other is that chewing soothes their pain of teething.

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Top 2 Cat Treats

cat treatsThere are different opinions out there among cat owners and even veterinarians about cat treats and if and how much you can give to your cats. Although most of the cat treats are really not very healthy and just add calories to the cat’s daily diet, they still can have their purpose.

I belong to those who encourages cat owners to give their cats treats – in a very moderate way. And this is exactly what the whole discussion should be about. How much, when and what kind of treats can you offer your cat?

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Why do Hamsters need Hamster Wheels

hamsterYou know the picture. A hamster running endlessly in a hamster wheel. At first sight it might look weird and even compulsive. I can assure you it‘s far from being obsessive.

To prove that we need to take a look at wild hamsters and their behavior and needs. And then I‘d like to point out some aspects that a good hamster wheel needs to have in order to be perfect for your hamster and for you – your ears as a matter of fact.

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Bestsellers in May 2017


I now can present my list of the best selling items on Animals Small and Big that people chose and purchased in May 2017.

I invite you to take a look at what has made its entry to the bestseller list of May 2017.

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Creative Foraging Feeder for Parrots

Parrot Creative Foraging FeederParrots need a lot of stimulation. As parrot owner you know how intelligent parrots are and how much they like to learn, to play, to explore, to just do wild things.

One way for you to keep your parrot entertained, even when you‘re not around, is placing a foraging feeder into your parrot‘s cage. There is no parrot in the world that wouldn’t immediately figure out how to use this creative toy and to joyfully play with it every day.

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Top 3 Water Dishes for Reptiles under $10

water dish for reptilesWater is essential for every living being, and reptiles aren’t excluded. They love water, some of them as living environment, all of them for drinking. The best way for you to offer fresh drinking water to your pet reptile is in an appropriate water dish for reptiles.

What do you need to know about water dishes for reptiles? I have some ideas for you.

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How to Take Care of a Horse Saddle

care of horse saddleHorses are beautiful animals. But horse saddles are just as beautiful. Of course you can see all kinds of saddles. The English saddle has different styles depending on its usage such as jumping or dressage. The same goes for the Western saddle with different styles for roping or barrel racing.

In New Mexico I often saw saddle makers selling their saddles on fairs. Each one of those saddles was a beauty with a unique style and look. You see, I can rave about saddles endlessly. What a saddle needs though is careful maintenance. So, how do you take care of your horse saddle?

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Best Dog Backpack for Hiking

dog backpack for hikingSummer is coming up and with it hiking season. I love to hike, always did. Maybe I just confirm the cliché that says that every Swiss loves to hike. Anyway! My hikes got suddenly all the better when I started hiking with the dog of our vacation place in the Swiss Alps.

That dog Toby, well, had a special habit. He loved to carry stones while hiking. While this at first view might look unusual, he actually displayed a trait dogs like to do: being part of the hiking team by carrying something themselves. Toby would have loved to carry a dog backpack for hiking!

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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in May 2017

top 10

It‘s great to see what a wide variety of pets our readers care for! Thank you for visiting Animals Small and Big!

Take a look! Is your favorite post among them?

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Top 3 Water Conditioners for Fish Tanks

Tetra AquaSafe PLUS Water TreatmentWith my little goldfish I never had to worry about the quality of water I added to his tank. The tap water in Switzerland was of best quality which my goldfish‘s persistent health was proof of.

Today there are so many chemicals and heavy metals in the tap water that can harm our fish. It‘s therefore necessary to add to the aquarium‘s water an appropriate water conditioner. Some fish owners even go further and get a water conditioner that works as stress coat as well.

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Why Cats love Cat Perches

Original KITTY COT Cat PerchCats just love hanging out on your window sills and observe what‘s going on out there in the world. But what if your windows don‘t have a window sill or the window sill is very narrow and too uncomfortable for your cat to sit there?

In this case you might take a look at a cat perch which you can mount safely onto your window through suction cups. Cat perches provide a safe and comfortable place for your cat. What do you need to know about cat perches?

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