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Bird Cage LinersIt‘s a simple question: how do you clean your bird‘s cage in the most effective way? It‘s kinda a double question if you add: do you have to clean a bird cage at all. Well, of course.

The thing is that you want to keep the floor of your bird‘s cage clean without disturbing your little feathery friend too much. So, the answer to my own question is: you use bird cage liners to keep your bird‘s cage clean. What are the requirements of a good bird cage liner?

There were – in the past mostly – bird cage liners that were coated with plastic or even worse with wax. Those bird cage liners had many disadvantages such as they were not biodegradable because of the wax or plastic coating and the wax omitted toxins that were harmful to the birds breathing it in.

The bird cage liner you want to get for your bird is 100% made of paper, no wax or plastic coating should be added. You will see that this kind of bird cage liner is not shiny but shows a plain brown color. Bird cage liner made of paper is 100% biodegradable.

Paper doesn’t omit toxins and is therefore healthy for your bird. It also absorbs moisture quickly in opposite to wax coated cage liners that repels moisture. Paper bird cage liners will therefore allow no odors. A very important aspect for your home.

How do you use this bird cage liner? Add several layers to your bird cage floor and just pull the soiled one from the top away. You need to do this every day in order to keep the cage clean and the air fresh.

Depending on the size of your bird you will need to get different heavy paper as bird cage liner. 40-pound paper is recommended for small birds such as parakeets. And 60-pound paper is recommended for larger birds such as parrots.

The following bird cage liner comes in a count of 150 that will extend the time you will use it. It comes in as many sizes as there are bird cage sizes and is offered also in custom size.

Bird Cage Liners

Bird Cage Liners

Product Highlights

  • 40-poudn stock paper
  • Color: light brown
  • Environmentally friendly 100% biodegradable
  • Contains no was
  • Delivered rolled, will lay flat without creases
  • 150 count
  • 40-pound paper recommended for small birds
  • 60-pound paper recommended for larger birds

Customer reviews

The only bird cage liners I buy. It is so easy to put several liners in at a time and just pull the soiled one off the top every day. There is never an odor! Shipping is always fast!

I love how nice and easy these make cage clean-up, just remove a sheet a day and you’ve always got a tidy floor and a good view on the all-important poop health.

I wish I had found this deal years ago! Good quality paper at an awesome price and fast delivery to your mailbox. Safe for my canary (he doesn’t need the sandpaper). This will last me a while but I will be back!

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