Best Book about How to Care for Pet Turtles

How to Care for Pet TurtlesSo many people dream of having a turtle or turtles as pets. Are you one of them?

I‘m always fascinated by turtles, love how they move, eat, swim, everything about them.

But being fascinated of turtles doesn’t make me an expert in keeping them as pet – unless I find the right book with the right information that helps to decide which turtle would be the best and how to take care of these little guys so they stay healthy and happy for many many years.

Well, this book happens to be here.

What do you want and what do you need to know before buying a turtle as pet? Well, the answer is simple: every important detail. A good book should give you answers to all your questions.

You want to know what the natural instincts and requirements of turtles are in order to find the best and safest environment indoor or outdoor, to provide them with the best healthy and satisfying food and offer the best and most fun entertainment.

How to Care for Pet TurtlesYou definitely want to know which turtle would be the best for you and your situation at home – should it be a turtle or a tortoise – and which turtle breed is recommended for beginners.

As veterinarian I know that you might want to know about possible illnesses and their treatments – respectively when it‘s time to bring your turtle friend to the vet. You need to know which plants may be harmful for your turtle so you don‘t accidentally add those toxic plants to your turtle’s terrarium.

And speaking of terrarium or aquarium, you also want to know how to keep your turtle‘s home clean and safe and beautiful.

The answers to all these and even more questions are delivered by this following book that is highly recommended by many beginning and already turtle owners.

Turtle Care: How to Care for Pet Turtles Like an Expert

How to Care for Pet Turtles

Book Facts

  • Author: David Chippperfield
  • Publication Date: January 19, 2012
  • ebook
  • 1573 KB

Aquarium, underwater, turtle and tortoise lover David Chipperfield has listened to the fans who were clamoring for him to add a turtle book to his previously written books on aquariums. Here is his step-by-step compendium so you can go from a complete beginner to a turtle authority in no time. There are loads of things you can get wrong when looking after turtles but if you know the tips and tricks you can make your relationship fun, inexpensive and hopefully not one that turns you into an accidental turtle killer. If you are looking to get a turtle soon, want to know more about them or would just like some expert tips on what you can do with your current turtle then How to Care For your Pet Turtle Like an Expert could well be the place for you.

Reader reviews

This is not only an excellent reference guide for anyone interested in turtles, but it’s a very interesting read. The author answers common questions and goes into detailed information about everything you should know before and after getting a turtle. If you want to get rid of pests in your garden, this might be a pet for you!

It’s obvious that David Chipperfield is indeed a turtle master. This book is thoughtfully written with clear and thorough information. This book has everything I need to make a decision about what kind of turtle to buy, how to set up the habitat, how to feed and care for the turtle, and identifying and dealing with any issues the turtle has. It’s a complete guide, everything I need in a well-organized and well written format.

I had no idea there was so much involved. The author does an amazing job of thoroughly explaining everything. Fantastically written. A fast read and very knowledgeable he gives a non biased opinion to owning turtles and tortoises. I now feel expertly informed and ready to give a happy healthy home to a pair of turtles! Thanks for a great read at a great price!

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