Best Books about how to Care for your Horse

How to care for a horseBeing a new horse owner or a soon-to-be horse owner you want to get your hands on every possible information about how to care for a horse. I was like that at the beginning of my riding and horse caring career. I checked out every available book about how to care for horses. I was eager to learn everything about horses and their care.

Since my post Some Things to know before buying a Horse was visited so often I like to add some more information for you all thinking about getting a horse.

You essentially have three ways of how you can learn about horses and how to care for them.

First you can make your own experiences and go together with your horse by trial and error to acquire the necessary knowledge. This path might be the most intense way to bond with your horse. That‘s the plus. The cons are unfortunately many. You might make too many and maybe too important mistakes – for you and your horse.

The second way to learn about horses and their care is to learn from a teacher, a person with lots of experience with horses. This path is certainly very efficient and successful. You get the necessary knowledge by following the advice of an expert that might extend even further than just about caring for your horse, meaning you can take riding lessons and you can get inside knowledge that just comes out of personal experience.

The third way is about the same idea: getting the knowledge about horses and their care from an expert. This way is the best way for everybody who thinks about getting a horse or just got one recently. It‘s by reading a book. With reading a good book about horses and their care you can prepare yourself ahead of time and then use the book as continuing tutor for all upcoming moments with your horse.

I found for you two great books that will help you get to know about horses, their care and needs.

Complete Horse Care Manual

Colin Vogel Horse Care

Book Facts

  • Author: Colin Vogel
  • Publisher: DK; 2 Rev Upd edition (January 17, 2011)
  • Hardcover, also available as Paperback
  • 216 pages

From routine procedures such as clipping, trimming, and shoeing, to more vital subjects such as grazing requirements and nutritional needs, Complete Horse Care Manual is the most authoritative and accessible book on horse care. With more than 650 specially commissioned color photographs and diagrams, Complete Horse Care Manual tells you how to provide regular care and attention for your horse, how to guard against health problems, and when to seek professional medical attention.

Reader reviews

This is a really nice book, jam packed with information and has beautiful clear photos with notations explaining what you’re looking at. Worth buying if you’re a beginner like me and are just trying to understand the basics of horse anatomy, tack, care and grooming.

This book is perfect for my daughter and I! We are just starting to get in to horses and it explains it all!

Very nice I love this book and would recommend to everyone who wants to learn about horses.


Horse Health Care: A Step-By-Step Photographic Guide to Mastering Over 100 Horsekeeping Skills

Cherry Hill Horse Health Care

Book Facts

  • Authors: Cherry Hill, Richard Klimesh
  • Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC; 3rd edition (January 4, 1997)
  • Paperback, also available as ebook
  • 160 pages

Most horse owners realize that “know-how” is the key to safe and enjoyable horsekeeping. This user-friendly guide, created by respected equestrian author Cherry Hill, offers a wealth of practical advice on mastering dozens of essential skills, illustrated with 350 how-to photographs. Owners of all ages and abilities will find this book indispensable.

Reader reviews

This woman is right on!! Awesome writer. I go to no one else for reference books!!

Very good at explaining how to do stuff. I am very impressed with it.

Very good reference material for horse care. Having pictures makes it a lot easier to understand. I would suggest anyone that has horses get this manual.


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