Best Chinchilla Bathing Sand

chimchilla bathing sandChinchillas are kind of favorite pets here, I know. I just love these little fluffy guys. They are so cute and endlessly watchable. But they have their requirements to stay healthy and happy. One of these is the need of chinchillas to take daily baths. Not in water but in sand.

So, getting a great chinchilla bathing sand is of first priority for you as chinchilla owner. What are the details you have to look out for and why is chinchilla bathing sand better than chinchilla bathing dust? I have some answers for you.

Chinchillas are generally very convenient when it comes to keeping their fur clean and healthy fluffy. Chinchillas actually are kind of self-cleaning. So, you don‘t need to groom them as you do it with dogs, cats or rabbits.

Chinchillas don‘t need any wet bath to keep themselves clean. Getting wet is for chinchillas even dangerous. They would lose body heat very fast and become too chilled which would make them vulnerable to different diseases. Why is that so? The hair of a chinchilla is different to the hair of other pets. Each hair follicle has about 80 hairs which is a lot more than other pet hair follicle has. Getting wet keeps a chinchilla much longer wet than any other pet.

So, how do chinchillas keep their fur clean? By bathing in chinchilla bathing sand. And bathing in sand is very essential for chinchillas. They need and want to do that every single day. Bathing in sand removes excess oils from their fur and makes them look more fluffy – and happy! Also chinchillas just love to bathe in sand. Watching them you will see how much they enjoy rolling in the sand endlessly.

Why is sand better than dust? The reason is obvious. Even when chinchillas in wild bathe in dust as well as in sand, dust is just too dusty. I know, it sounds a bit too self-evident. Bathing in dust creates a dust cloud around your chinchilla and the whole place which means that your chinchilla is breathing in the dust as you do.

As chinchilla owner it‘s your duty to offer your little furry friend dust-free and bacteria-free sand in which your chinchilla can bathe daily. Give the chinchilla bathing sand into a bowl with high edges and just make sure that the sand is clean. As soon as the sand gets soiled remove it. Generally you only need to change the sand once a week.

Supreme Petfoods Chinchilla Bathing Sand

Supreme Petfoods Chinchilla Bathing Sand

Product Highlights

  • Constructed with highest quality materials 100% natural sand
  • Dust-free and bacteria-free
  • Naturally absorbent
  • Bottle of 52,8 fl. oz.

Customer reviews

I love the product! The chinchillas coats look really plush after the sand baths and I can hold them right away without getting powder all over me. The scatter of the sand is limited and easily cleaned with the vacuum cleaner. Very happy with this product!

The package arrived intact and the sand seems to be of high quality. It is definitely consistent in terms of the size of the grains. I would recommend this. I just like that it’s convenient and ready to use out of the box and I know it’s clean.

Much better than dust. You don’t breathe in nasty dust and the chinchilla doesn’t rub off dust on you, it makes him cleaner and fluffy.


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