Best Gift Ideas for Your Pets

gift idea for petsI still remember the first time a friend’s son gave the first present to his two beloved guinea pigs.  It was Christmas, and the boy decided that his little friends should also get a gift.  So cute!  Well, he actually kept this great idea until both guinea pigs died, and he moved on to having a dog.

Giving your pet a present might sound awkward to you, but it is really fun – for you and your pet.  With guinea pigs it’s easy indeed because you can give them something they don’t get on a regular basis.

Updated 2017: new product added!

Gifts for pets have not only two nice aspects but even three.  You give your pet an unusual item or treat making your pet happy.  And you make yourself happy.  The third aspect is that you can give a present for a pet to a friend or family member.  Isn’t his great.  Of course, this last idea might need some research ahead of time, but I can tell you, it’s worth it.

So, guess what the little boy’s gift idea for his beloved guinea pigs was! It was a nice tasty treat that looked just like the one Vitakraft is offering. The guinea pigs loved it and the boy was happy. A wonderful idea, worth being repeated.

Take a look at these 4 cool Best Gift Ideas for Pets, all under $10, that I found for you.  They might tickle your fancy and you’ll get maybe other and better ideas:

Durable Dog Chew Toy

West Paw Dog Ball Chew Toy

Product Highlights

  • Extremely durable dog ball with an unpredictable bounce
  • Fits in a standard ball thrower
  • Bright, bouncy, BPA-free and FDA-compliant
  • Certified-safe, and guaranteed to last
  • Dishwasher safe

Customer reviews

She (my dog) has been using this ball for 2 weeks and it’s still in the same condition that it came in.

My dog is very rough on all her toys, and this ball stands up to her chasing, clawing, biting, and chewing.  The color makes it easy for her to track over long distances, and the size is just right for her to carry.

Wacky, crazy bouncy I love this toy.  As much as he’s chewed on it, it’s still in one piece and keeps him satisfied. This toy has helped cut down on him chewing on furniture, my shoes and wires.


Caribbean Reef Aquarium Ornament

Blue Ribbon Living Reef Aquarium Ornament

Product Highlights

  • Made of durable poly resin material
  • Hand painted details
  • Safe for use in all aquariums, freshwater and marine aquariums and terrariums
  • Colorful reef replicas feature aeration holes and swim through chambers

Customer reviews

It is so pretty and it really makes my tank more enjoyable to look at.  Now if only my fish would swim in there instead of looking at it wondering if it’s some strange monster.  This is a perfect size for a 10 gallon tank.

Still has it’s paint even after a year in the tank and scrubbing over a dozen times.

Me and my fish love it especially the Parrot Fish!  Almost real looking.


Multi Feather Interactive Cat Toy

Multi Feather Interactive Cat Toy

Product Highlights

  • Cat wand with a soft, durable, foam handle
  • 2 feathers included
  • Wand is 33″ long

Customer reviews

My cat is obsessed with this toy! I think it’s because there is also a small bell attached to the end of the wand also.

The wand is good size. The feathers are nearly indestructible. I like that the clip allows other toys to be attached as well. My quirky cat likes to chase the collar that she came with, so I’ve attached that to the wand and she goes nuts.

Wow I am impressed this is a quality cat toy. Very well made. My cats love it! Nice sturdy handle that is also comfortable and easy to grip. The feathers are very secure and colorful.


Vitakraft Guinea Pig Sticks and 3.5-Ounce Bag

Vitakraft Guinea Pig Treat Sticks

Product Highlights

  • Triple baked treat
  • With wooden stick core
  • Clip holder
  • Long-lasting honey treat stick for guinea pigs

Customer reviews

My guineas are incredibly squeaky little creatures.  If I give them these they will squeak wildly and then ravenously devour the whole thing in a couple hours.

I have two pigs and when I put one of the bars in their cage they consumed it in a day. Bottom line, so delicious from a pig perspective that it might become habit forming!


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