Best Guinea Pig Habitat

MidWest Guinea Habitat PlusGuinea pigs are kind of a guarantee for endless hours of fun. Keeping guinea pigs happy isn’t very difficult. With the right guinea pig habitat you already have a stable basis for creating health and happiness for your little furry friends.

I still remember when my nephew got his first two guinea pigs. He was immediately into creating the best habitat possible for his new friends.

As being a first time guinea pig owner there are some things you need to know about all the important facts around a good guinea pig cage.

When is a guinea pig cage good? Well, that question is answered quickly. A guinea pig cage is good when it‘s more a habitat than a cage, when it is big enough for creating relaxation space and play space and eating space and when it keeps your little furry friends happy and interested.

Guinea pigs are curious and have a big need for moving. They like to be social. So, having two guinea pigs is most often the best solution for them and for you. My nephew made this experience too. His two female guinea pigs were inseparable. They followed each other everywhere, marched behind each other all the time. Real inseparable guinea pig friends.

Their habitat was as big as this MidWest habitat for guinea pigs. It had the same dividing possibility in order to create two living spaces. My nephew‘s guinea pigs loved to play with each other and even sleep together. But there were nevertheless times when they relaxed in different spots of their cage. A good guinea pig habitat should create these privacy spaces.

MidWest Guinea Habitat PlusAnother important point of a good guinea pig habitat is that you can move it outdoors to allow your little friends some fresh air around their noses and wet grass under their feet. The best way to do that is with a removable wire mesh top that will keep your guinea pigs in a confined area and safe from any possible attacks from the air.

A good guinea pig habitat allows for numerous configurations and unlimited expandability. Let your fantasy fly when you create the perfect habitat for your little guinea pigs.

How can you clean such a big guinea pig habitat without disturbing your little friends too much? Use the divider panel that comes with the habitat to separate one area from the other. While you clean out one area your guinea pigs hang out at the other side. Then place them into the cleaned space and clean the other side.

Before you choose this following model make sure that you measure the space at home where you want to place this new guinea pig habitat.

MidWest Guinea Habitat Plus

MidWest Guinea Habitat Plus

Product Highlights

  • Provides an 8 square feet of living area for guinea pigs
  • Fully removable wire mesh top
  • Multi-access folding top
  • Divider panel with hinged lock-in-place ramps/doors
  • Durable, leak proof, washable and easily removable PVC lined canvas bottom
  • Sides are 14“ high for secure and convenient access to guinea pigs
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy set up, no tools required for assembly

Customer reviews

So this cage is perfect. We have two Guinea pigs and they could not be happier. This Is huge, easy to clean and can be moved but very gently.The space is perfect for two.

I ADORE this cage. My piggies love it and it’s simple to clean. I was going to make a c&c cage but this is better. Affordable and well worth the money spent.

The Midwest Cages are by far the best cages on the market for Guinea Pigs. Nothing came close to the convenience and quality as these cages. We will always be Midwest cage owners!


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