Best Health Bird Food for Cockatiels

Kaytee Health Bird Food for CockatielsWhat you want for your beloved Cockatiel is a good healthy bird food that‘s specifically based on the needs of Cockatiels.

Cockatiels need healthy food as all pet birds do. You see if your Cockatiel is healthy by his behavior that shows intelligence, interest in everything and a healthy eating habit. And you see his health in his bright vividly colored feathers.

Cockatiels in the wild are used to eat a big variety of food. As Cockatiel owner you know how much your little feathery friends love fruits and vegetables that adds not just variety to their daily food but also important vitamins and minerals.

Proper nutrition for your pet bird means that the food contains probiotics as well as prebiotics for digestive health. And it needs to be rich in natural antioxidants for your bird‘s general health and immune support.

A good Cockatiel food contains as well Omega 3‘s in order to keep brain and heart healthy. And there are also ingredients in it that support skin and feather health.

But even the best bird food wouldn’t be helpful if your Cockatiel is refusing it. A very important detail! The food needs to be palatable and good tasting in order to deliver all its healthy strength.

The following bird food for Cockatiels by Kaytee is currently one of the best on the market. The fact that it is fully accepted and loved by the birds speaks for itself. It comes as a 5-pound bag or as a 25-pund bag.

Kaytee Health Bird Food for Cockatiels

Kaytee Health Bird Food for Cockatiels

Product Highlights

  • Omeag 3‘s to support brain and heart health
  • Enhances skin and feather health
  • Naturally preserved for freshness
  • Wholesome palatable ingredients for natural foraging behavior
  • Highest quality grains used in blending
  • Pack of 5 lbs, also available as 25 lbs

Customer reviews

My feathered children love this food so I do too. It must taste good because they would rather eat this than fresh fruits and veggies. I’m overall very happy with it.

From all the different food I’ve bought my cockatiels, this is by far their favorite! They love sunflower seeds and many packages come without so this is definitely one I try to always restock.

We have 12 Cockatiels and 2 Conures really like all the seeds along with the bits of pellets. Each bird has their favorite seed and pellet so, there is very little waste. Will continue to purchase this food for my birds since they really like it!

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