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Repitat Reptile Carrier with Cover and HandleThere are moments in the life of your pet reptile or pet amphibian when you need to transport him. These moments are most often perceived as very stressful for your little reptile and for you. But you need to bring them from time to time to a vet or to your pet sitter maybe.

A reptile carrier is the answer to this situation that makes transporting your little pet reptile really easy. Make sure though that a reptile carrier is not meant for living. You shouldn’t keep your reptiles in it longer than you need for the transport.

What should a good reptile carrier provide and why?

Although you will use a reptile carrier only for short transports it still needs to offer ample space. Some like this reptile carrier by Repitat come even with a small basking island. Of course you can add to it whatever you like and whatever makes your reptile calm and feel at home. But always be aware to not take away too much space to move around – even more so when you transport more than just one animal.

Another important point is the quality and sturdiness of the reptile carrier. It needs to be of superior quality and made from strong and sturdy materials in order to offer safety with all the moves you will make with it.

The following model is also great because of the ample viewing space. Your little pet friend isn’t closed in that might frighten him while being moved. Your reptile or amphibian pet might not show it, but he can get frightened like all other pets do when they don‘t know what‘s happening to them.

And last but not least, take a look at the affordability of the following reptile carrier, maybe it will be exactly the model you want to get for your reptile or amphibian pet.

Repitat Reptile Carrier with Cover and Handle

Repitat Reptile Carrier with Cover and Handle

Product Highlights

  • Removable lid for easy access
  • Made from strong acrylic
  • Molded water platform
  • Easy-to-transport carrying handle
  • Made especially for reptiles, small animals and bugs

Customer reviews

Perfect home for our hermit crab. Have also used for lizards too.

Works for little critters that my son likes to catch. A little large for him to carry around but works with the handle and is light weight.

This does look cool and different than most cages. I like the space it has inside and it can hold more than one crab.

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