Best Way to provide fresh Water for Horses

water drinking horseProviding your horses with daily fresh water is an essential task. Not every horse owner has access to a river flowing through the pasture.

With an automatic waterer you might come the closest to natural access to water for your horses. And certainly making sure the water is clean.

This following automatic waterer is meant for all kinds of livestock not just horses. You can use it for cattle, hogs, goats, sheep, alpaca and dogs. There are some details I like to look at.

A good automatic waterer needs to be able to be installed on any height according to the animals for whom you want to provide fresh water. A remark though about hogs and pigs that tend to play with everything they can get their teeth on: hogs might get too rough on the waterer. The waterer itself is made of stainless steel and can withstand every destructive play, but the pipes that are made of PVC could break.

This automatic waterer operates safely with 1 to 50 psi which means with every standard house water pressure or gravity.

water drinking horsesHorses on the other hand won‘t generally create any problems with this automatic waterer. For them installing it on their height is great because this will keep critters off from climbing in as they would with a ground watering solution.

Here are some more thoughts around the advantages of an automatic waterer vs. ground watering through a trough or bucket:

You definitely safe time because you don‘t need to control and fill an outdoor bucket for your horses. Your hard work of lifting and carrying buckets of water is over.

Actually for the water temperature an automatic waterer is also the better solution. In summer the water stays cooler and in winter warmer. And speaking of winter: you won‘t need to thaw frozen hoses anymore. Good news, isn’t it.

You also won‘t have any loss of water through evaporation during hot summer days or when you need to dump the bucket for fresh water.

What an automatic waterer though requires is regular cleaning and control. You might find out that it needs cleaning when you watch your horse not drinking from it anymore.

In my opinion the greatest advantage of an automatic waterer is the cleanness of water. It won‘t be disturbed as much by critters or dust and dirt as any other watering solution.

One plus of the following model is its great price. You might check it out in order to find out if it works for your situation.

Rite Farm Products Automatic Waterer for Horses

Rite Farm Products Automatic Waterer for Horses

Product Highlights

  • Stainless steel stock waterer
  • Heave gauge stainless for long life
  • Built-in float automatically shuts off water when full
  • Suited for horses, cattle, hogs, goats, sheep, alpaca, dogs and more
  • Can be easily installed at any height

Customer reviews

Saves water… keeps other critters away from ground based watering bowls.

Works great, it is handy being able to change the water flow on both sides.

Very good product irrespective of the great price.


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