Cat Harness with Leash for Travels and Walks

traveling with catAs with dogs there are some rules you have to be aware when you want to take your cat on an airplane. These rules require that you have to use a cat leash or cat harness for stress-free traveling with your cat. The best choice is to get a cat harness with leash that fits your cat perfectly.

There are of course more situations where you might need a cat harness. Let‘s take a closer look at those moments and how you and your cat handle them the best.

Airlines have their rules when it comes to transport cats. Here too, as with dogs, you might need to get in contact with your chosen airline to make sure that your preparations are right and implementing all rules. Cats can generally travel with you in the cabin, as long as they don‘t leave their kennel during flight. There are though moments where your cat will be outside the kennel – and this moment will call for a cat harness to make sure that your cat isn’t escaping. This happens when you take your cat through the airport security. Check in any case with your airline way ahead of your trip to find out about their requirements.

Other situations where your cat will need to wear a cat harness is on any other trip such as with your RV, Camper or boat or just with your car. Putting a cat harness on your cat will ensure that your cat won‘t escape when a situation gets too frightening or unknown.

Cat owners who move from a house into an apartment often also use a cat harness in order to make an outdoor walk with their cat. This is another regular situation where people need a cat harness: for walks with their cat.

cat harness with leashCats definitely need a harness and not just a leash like dogs. To attach a cat‘s leash directly to the cat‘s neck is considered to be too dangerous and unsafe. Unlike dogs cats have soft throats and can choke easily when just wearing a leash. A standard harness needs to evenly distribute the pressure and should fit around your cat‘s neck and back. If the cat harness is comfortable and not interfering with the cat‘s movement, the cat will accept it without problems.

I recommend to train your cat to get into the harness and to wear it at home for a while. You can make necessary size adjustments in the comfort and safety of your home. Rewarding your cat with a treat will make this learning experience easier and faster.

cat harness with leashThe best is if you can start teaching your cat when it is still a kitten, but older cats can also easily be trained to wear a harness and to go for walks with you. Give your cat time to get used to wear the harness before you attach and hold the leash in your hands. And then follow first your cat while holding the leash loosely in your hand.

The first outdoor adventure can just happen in your backyard or another safe quiet place. Let first your cat decide when she wants to move and start exploring. The more pleasant your cat‘s experience with your walks are the easier they will take place in the future. Remember: it‘s always your cat making the call. Some like to make long walks, others decide after a short time to just be carried atop your backpack for the rest of the hike.

Catit Adjustable Cat Harness and Leash Set

Catit Adjustable Cat Harness and Leash Set

Product Highlights

  • Adjustment sliders on harness for quick customized fit
  • With gold-plated bell
  • Made from durable snag-proof nylon
  • Easy to use with quick release snap
  • Harness size: neck: 9“ to 16“, body 0.375“ by 14“ to 24“
  • Leash measures: 0.375“ by 4 feet

Customer reviews

Both my cats love this harness. They are nine years old and have never used a harness before. Having recently moved from a house into an apartment they have to use the harness to go on walks.

I bought two of these for taking my cats on a flight to Dallas. My cats seemed very comfortable in these. They are very secure, but not too tight. Definitely would buy again.

Works well, correct size for my 15 pound cat. He isn’t the biggest fan of going outside so we only use it occasionally. I like that there is a second strap that wraps around the body for extra security.


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