Cat Litter Disposal System

Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal SystemI know, everything around cat litter boxes is kind of an eternal theme for cat owners. You have to deal with it in any case. Either you accept that your cat litter emanates odor into your home or you try to eliminate the odor with a cat litter disposal system.

What exactly is a cat litter disposal system, how does it work and what are its advantages? Let me just say that many cat owners regret not discovered found this cat litter disposal system earlier.

Well, that your cat litter box has a strong odor is a fact of nature. Cat urine smells because of the pheromones and hormones with which a cat marks his territory but also because the breaking down urine releases even other smells.

I don‘t want to go too deep into this smelly theme, every cat owner knows what I‘m talking about – and yes, every person who visits a home with cats might get into contact with this smell.

So, what can you do? One thing is that you place the cat litter box far from your living area such as in the basement and install an interior cat door to the basement allowing your cat to move freely between your living area and cat litter box. OR! You get this cat litter disposal system as perfect complement to your cat’s litter box.

This cat litter disposal system is easy to use and effectively seals in odor. It reduces odor – and it also makes clean-up quick and easy and reduces your trips to the garbage. What a nose-friendly and life-improving system!

This cat litter disposal pail comes with a scoop to make transferring the waste as easy as possible. It has an attached lid sealing every odor in. And it has a pull out handle which drops the waste into the bottom of disposal bags. Only when that bag is full you have to empty the pail and throw the bag away.

Another great plus is its design that‘s so compact that it fits into small spaces may it be in the bathroom, under the kitchen sink or wherever you want to place it.

Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System

Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System

Product Highlights

  • Locks litter and odor away in 3 simple steps
  • Added antimicrobial inhibits odors caused by bacteria on the pail
  • 7-layer refill bag contains barrier technology to lock in odor and germs
  • Pail holds up to 2 weeks of cat litter
  • Compact design that fits anywhere

Customer reviews

This thing is amazing! It retains the smell to where it doesn’t even seem like I have cats in the house anymore. The feature of having a bag cutter inside so it’s easy to keep the cartridge going is wonderful!

Still an outstanding product that does what it says. We have multiple cats and the litter cleaning used to be a real chore. With the Litter Genie it’s just scoop, pop it in the Genie and pull the slide and no more odors.

This thing is AMAZING!! Every indoor cat owner needs one! Keeps the poo smell out of the house, keeps me from having to get a new bag every time I need to clean the litter… it’s just so handy, and wonderful. I don’t know how cat people live without this.


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