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Travel with Airline-approved Dog Kennel

traveling with dogTravel time is around the corner! Having a dog though makes traveling more of a challenge. While others spontaneously can decide to go for a trip people with dogs need to make careful and time-consuming preparations – and it doesn’t matter if you want to leave your dog behind in a boarding kennel, with neighbors or family or if you want to take your dog with you.

This post is about airline traveling with your dog. In this case you will need to get an airline-approved dog kennel.

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Top 3 Adult Wet Dog Food

adult wet dog foodThe following question always comes up when it‘s about feeding dogs: Is wet dog food better than dry dog food? And the answer is as complex as dogs are. There are so many tastes out there among dogs and of course health issues that make the answer to this question change from case to case. It‘s always a good idea to mix up though.

My list of the Top 3 adult wet dog food is specifically meant for adult dogs.

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Top 3 All-Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

dog and catCleaning the ears of dogs and cats when they visit the vet’s office belonged sort of to the additional customer service we offered our clients back in Switzerland. Often – I admit – this work was done at the end of the visit by the vet’s helper – or by vet students like me. I was one of those students who couldn’t wait getting my hands dirty – so to speak. I started working at a vet’s office when I was sixteen – and these tasks I did at that time: cleaning the ears of dogs and cats.

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How to keep your dog from being bored

keep your dog from being boredDogs can get bored as we people do. And they show very clear signs when they are bored. Some you cannot ignore, they are so strong and obvious.

Dogs like and need to be entertained, there is no question about that. As being the people’s best friend they like to have and do actions with us. If dogs don’t get this wish fulfilled, they get bored.

In this post I’d like to speak about all the signs dogs show when they are actually bored and then about all the things we can undertake with them in order to avoid boredom and its consequences.

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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in February 2017

top 10

It‘s great to see what a wide variety of pets our readers care for! Thank you for visiting Animals Small and Big!

Take a look! Is your favorite post among them?

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Top 3 Dog and Cat Nail Clipper around $13

dogClipping dog or cat nails belongs into professional hands – or in your hands with the right pet nail clipper. Yes, you can do it!

I know though how difficult this task can be if your dog or cat is frustrated or even scared just by seeing a nail clipper in your hand. But the good news is, with these new models of dog and cat nail clippers your task will be much easier. Promised.

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Top 3 Soft Dog Treats

soft dog treatSoft dog treats have several advantages of course, they are not just perfect for giving medicine to dogs. One obvious plus of soft dog treats is that older dogs who have already lost some teeth can still easily bite and eat them. But there is more to dog treats.

We veterinarians often use soft dog treats to give medicine to dogs. Why the soft ones? You can easily break them in half, fold them and place the the medicine between the two halves. To most treats dogs just can‘t resist, they have to eat it and with it the medicine. Of course you can use soft dog treats yourself for giving medicine to your dog.

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Orthopedic bed for large dogs

bed for large dogI’m always surprised when I visit a family with a dog and I see that the dog has no own bed but instead stretches out on the sofa or elsewhere in the living room. Well, it might seem cherishing a dog by allowing him to jump on sofas and chairs sharing the sitting places with the family. But it actually isn’t.

Getting a dog bed for your dog belongs to the basic items you need to offer your dog besides food, feeding dishes, collars and leash. Dog beds also serve several purposes.

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Top 3 Pet Car Seat Cover between $20 and $50

Just4Pets Auto Back Pet Seat CoverRecently I was invited to a weekend trip by a friend who’s car turned out to be covered with dog hair all over. It was impossible to find a clean sitting place. Well, we ended up using another car for our trip. But for my friend I would have strongly recommended to get a pet car seat cover.

Pet car seat covers cover the car’s seats perfectly and securely. And let me say that: it’s not just for your friends who want to ride in your car, it’s also for your dog’s comfort. A back seat that is covered by a simple bed sheet might work if your dog is extremely calm, otherwise it would move around just too much to be an secure seat cover.

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Use a dog harness to stop your dog from pulling the leash

Petroad Dog Body HarnessI visited recently a dog owner who couldn’t control his dog while walking. Their walk was more a “dog walks man” than “man walks dog”. You know what I mean. This kind of pulling at the leash like crazy wouldn’t be so painful for the dog if he had a dog harness. But well, just having a dog harness doesn’t solve the pulling-the-leash problem.

A dog harness is nevertheless the better solution for any overly energetic dog than a simple leash or even a retractable leash. It is holding the body of the dog instead just his neck and feels definitely more comfortable for the dog.

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Top 3 Dog Shampoos around $15

dog bathDogs smell, there is no question about that. This is totally normal. Why? Although dogs do not sweat like humans, they still emit a perspiration from their hair. This perspiration is what we smell.

Every dog smells differently but they do smell, and this odor might be overwhelming for you and your family if you don’t wash your dog’s fur with an appropriate dog shampoo from time to time.

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Top 3 Pet Odor Removers 1 Gallon between $15 and $50

dogSharing your home with pets – dogs, cats and all kinds of small animals – you have to deal with pet odor. No exception! As a pet owner you don’t need to put up with pet odors in your home. You definitely need to have some kind of pet odor remover at hand.

But there are more things to know about pets and their odors.

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