Feed Bin for Horse-, Goat- and Alpaca-Food

Feeding horses on pastureIf you own large animals such as horses, alpacas, llamas or a herd of goats, sheep or cattle, you probably keep large quantities of feed. Where do you keep it? In your barn or outdoors close to the pasture in bags or open in a wooden crate? In this case you also most certainly know the problem of feed contamination through weather or infestation through rodents, such as mice and raccoons.

There is a way to avoid keeping your animal feed exposed. A feed bin of a large but still workable size is the answer to how to keep large animal feed in a safe and practical way.

A good feed bin needs to be placeable outdoors as well as indoors. The lid must therefore be weather-resistant with rubber gaskets keeping moist air out. And the whole bin needs to stand on sturdy legs keeping the bin off-ground but still stable and safe.

With this Feed Bin by High Country Plastics you can even automate your feeding. Thanks to the slide hatch at the bottom which slides open feed can be drained at any time. The space underneath is perfect for a 5 – 6 gallon bucket.

Another great feature of this feed bin is the transparency of the sides. This detail makes it really easy for you to control and check on the feed level without having to open the lid.

Some people use this feed bin for storing wood pellets which is a great idea too. Or people who own several dogs have this feed bin for holding dry dog food in larger quantities. This would of course work also for dry cat food – for example for an animal clinic or any pet shelter.

Could this be a good solution for you?

270 gallon Feed Bin with Stand

270 gallon Feed Bin with Stand

Product Highlights

  • Weather-resistant lid design with rubber gasket
  • Eliminates feed contamination and rodent infestation
  • Also excellent for storing wood pellets
  • Transparent sides make checking product level easy

Customer reviews

Got this to minimize work and keep the mice out. They work great and are a very reasonable price for the quality of the product. Meets our needs.

These are some of the best quality products I have encountered. They are sturdy with a large capacity. They keep the bag populations down in feed rooms. We strongly recommend these stands.

Works great holds over 5 each 50 LB bags of chicken feed. No more mice/rats chewing holes in the feed bags.

Since this review was written, High Country Plastics has discontinued selling this product. An alternate is now available.


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