Fun Electronic Motion Toy for Cats

SmartyKat Cat Motion ToyAs owner of a cat or cats you know exactly what I mean when I say that cats just love to play. When it comes to playing cats find so many ways to keep themselves entertained it‘s just fun to experience their creativity and joy of life.

Cats need to play – for their happiness and health. And playing keeps them moving which you want to support by offering your cat a toy that comes with an electronic concealed motion.

Well, an electronic motion toy is meant for all cats, of course. But if your cats are dealing with overweight or don’t move as much as they should because of age or shyness this electronic toy certainly would help overcome these issues.

This cat motion toy keeps your cat moving, jumping and hunting without that you need to join her play. Nevertheless, it‘s always wise to supervise your cat‘s playing and to turn off the toy‘s motion when your cat stops playing with it.

SmartyKat Cat Motion ToyHow does this cat motion toy work?

It imitates a hidden prey‘s moves with moving lights and a teasing tail. The wand flits and zips, changes unpredictably directions while staying just a bit visible under the fabric cover. These motions keep cats intrigued and in playful movements. It will even make older cats play like they’re young kittens again.

This cat motion toy comes with two speed controls that allow you to customize the action for your cat. You might want to start with the lower speed and turn on the higher speed later.

The fabric cover is very durable and the plastic wand is replaceable. The wand comes with ribbons and an irresistible plush toy. The moving lights may enhance your cat‘s play or not, some cats don‘t care for the lights, others do. The moving lights are anyway just one feature that will get the attention of your cat.

A big plus of this cat motion toy is its price that will certainly help you decide getting it for your cats.

SmartyKat Cat Motion Toy

SmartyKat Cat Motion Toy

Product Highlights

  • Electronic toy replicates movements of hidden prey
  • Moving lights and erratic motion
  • Two speeds for customizing the action
  • Plastic wand with ribbons and plush toy

Customer reviews

My cat really seems to enjoy this toy. She tries to play with it even when its off. I bought it to get her moving (she’s a little overweight) She doesn’t seem to lose interest since it moves so differently and at different speeds. I like the two speed option. I would recommend and buy again.

My cat has not tired of it yet. It’s been a couple weeks now so that’s quite impressive. I make sure not to turn it on too often. He does go crazy for the mouse that keeps on hiding under the blue fabric, then popping out suddenly. My cat is almost 7 years old and he plays with the toy like he was a kitten again.

Our cats love this. Even when the toy does not peak out they pounce all over it. Age doesn’t matter, the kitties and older cats both want to play.


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2 Responses to Fun Electronic Motion Toy for Cats

  1. This looks interesting. I’m always looking for new and fun things to engage my kitties!

  2. Cecilia says:

    Hi Linda, I almost can guarantee that your kitties will have fun with it!

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