Good Night Bird Cage Cover under $20

Prevue Hendryx Good Night Bird Cage CoverYou actually can train your bird to go to sleep with one simple handling: you cover your bird‘s cage with a bird cage cover. Simple and very efficient. Even though there are birds that don‘t like to be covered at all, most birds need to be covered for a good solid sleep.

The bird cage cover has to fulfill some requirements in order to be the best for you and your bird ensuring that your bird gets his full and necessary sleeping time for a good health.

Birds need about 12 hours of good deep sleep every night to stay healthy and happy. It‘s like with us, a good sleep shouldn’t be disturbed by noise or light. With a bird cage cover you provide exactly that.

Birds like parrots for example look for holes in a tree to snuggle down in it during night time. With a bird cage cover you kinda simulate a natural tree hole creating darkness and silence that helps your bird falling and staying asleep.

A good bird cage cover should be made of a breathable material, of course, but at the same time being heavy enough to not move in any drafts being caused by open windows or doors.

I recommend a bird cage cover even in cases where you might think that it is dark and silent enough for your bird remaining uncovered. You never know what could cause sleeping disturbances. Helping your bird getting a good healthy sleep is reason enough to get a good bird cage cover.

Most bird owners cover their birds around 8 pm, that‘s a good time to guarantee your birds a long and undisturbed sleep until morning. You will experience that your birds will learn to hop into their cages when you come with the bird cage cover in your hand. A good sign that your birds like to be covered.

Compare the size of your bird cage with the recommendations before buying a new bird cage cover.

Prevue Hendryx Good Night Bird Cage Cover

Prevue Hendryx Good Night Bird Cage Cover

Product Highlights

  • Fits cages up to 31″-37“L x 21″-25“W x 41″-48“H
  • 100% non-toxic breathable materials
  • Machine washable
  • Black fabric with Prevue logo

Customer reviews

The material is light weight so it’s not too heavy to lift it over the cage. It drapes perfectly and my birds are calm and quiet throughout the night. They seem very durable.

Amazing quality for the price. Thick enough to allow a little light through, but keep our conure content and certainly warmer and night. Very happy with this purchase.

My birds are quiet all night and the cover is breathable so can cover the whole cage they also wash and dry well I will recommend these covers to anyone with any kind of bird.


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