Great Ferret Toy Accessories Kit

pet ferretAll ferret owners know two main things about their ferret pets: they are incredibly playful and they spend a huge amount of time sleeping. So, if you want to answer to these obvious instincts you might be interested in getting your little furry ferret friend a ferret accessory kit that embraces sleeping places as well as playgrounds.

A ferret toy accessories kit includes all of these requirements. Let’s take a closer look at its advantages and why it is so good for a ferret.

First of course, let’s find out why ferrets are as they are, playful and needing a lot of time for sleep. Ferrets in the wild spend the biggest part of a day sleeping. Their sleeping time lasts for up to 18 hours – per day! It’s important for their health and happiness that they really can spend so much time sleeping.

Well, and when the ferrets are awake they love to play around – full of energy. Their awake hours are normally in dawn and dusk what makes them crepuscular animals. Ferrets are very social animals, they love to live in groups and play together.

The best ferret toy accessories kit includes therefore something where they like to sleep, that needs to be enclosed like a tent, a half-closed hammock or a cube. Then it needs to have something that encourages a ferret to play like a tunnel or big blanket with tunnel exits.

Ferrets have their personal characters that might make them more a loner than you would expect. You will see that these types of ferrets just love to use a tunnel for hiding and sleeping and being safe from the outer world.

Let your ferret slowly discover his new toy and accessory kit. Play with your ferret and introduce the accessories as the play goes on. You will see that your ferret will discover the fun of this new kit immediately and accept it as his new own place and toy.

Ferret Toy and Accessories Kit

Ferret Toy and Accessories Kit

Product Highlights

  • Made of polyester microsuede material in purple and teal colors
  • Includes 1 cozy tube, 1 busy body blankie, 1 hide & seek tunnel, 1 hammock hideaway
  • Easy to remove from cage
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly

Customer reviews

My ferret loves the hammock, he sleeps in it every time he takes a nap. The tube is pretty good. The cube doesn’t interest him much The weird fourth thing is his favorite to play with, goes crazy when we bring it out. Great product, I am glad we bought it.

Fuzzies love these. Quite durable and cheaper than buying bedding over and over again.

These are great for my furry friends. They love hanging around in them.


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