Heating Pad for Rabbits

Small Animal Outdoor Heated Pet PadWhen do you need a heating pad for your small pets like rabbits? Of course, when they need warmth, may it be indoors or outdoors.

Well, since the heating pads are made to be weatherproof you really can use them outdoors. Indoors you might use it when you keep your rabbits for example in the garage or basement where it can get colder.

Updated 2017

Rabbits do not tolerate extreme weather temperatures, they are most comfortable around 60°F. Wild rabbits move a lot in winter when they are outside in order to keep themselves warm, and they return often to their nests to warm up. So, if you keep your bunnies outdoors maybe in a shed where they cannot move against the cold, they will need to have a heating mat to keep them warm. If your rabbits look limp and sleepy all the time bring them to the vet, that’s not normal behavior for rabbits.

The K&H Small Animal Heated Pad is chew-proof which is obviously very important. Even the cord – which is extra long – is encased with a chew guard. You can use it therefore very safely for rabbits or other rodents. Of course, you may use this heated pad for all kinds of rodents such as guinea pigs or ferrets. Even cats and small dogs love them.

How does this heated pad work? It is thermostatically controlled to maintain a temperature of 102°F. It never will get too hot or burn your little rabbit. The thing is that you cannot tell that the pad is warming by just touching it. You may test it by placing a large pillow on the top of the pad. After about 20 minutes you touch the pillows underside and feel that it got warm. Warm, not hot. When your little rabbit will sit on it, the same will happen. The pad will slowly start to heat and then keep the temperature steady.

outdoor rabbitA friend back in Switzerland used to have rabbits outdoors in her parent’s backyard. She had always about 10 of them, and she used these heated pads for all of them. They loved these pads so much that they wouldn’t move a bit not even for feeding time because they loved it so much to feel cozy and toasty warm.

Some people use this heating pad for hedgehogs or even their chicken. You can hide the pad under straw or some similar material.

Small Animal Heated Pet Pad

Small Animal Outdoor Heated Pet Pad

Item Highlights

  • Great for most small animals
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Using only 25 watts
  • Chew resistant features
  • 9 by 12 inches and 0.5“ thick

Customer reviews

I got the rabbits each a heating pad to hep them stay warm. I didn’t think that they’d figure out how to use it, but to my surprise they took to it almost immediately! One of my rabbits sits in his all the time and loves to “groom” the cover. I love that the first 2 feet of the cord is chew proof, essential for rabbit.

Perfect for our bunnies. Makes me feel better since they’re in the unheated garage.

Rabbit loves it. Sits on it even when it’s unplugged.


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