Himalayan Dog Chew

chewing dogDoes your dog also love to chew? On everything? Well, your dog joins with this behavior all other dogs out there. Chewing is something every dog does, it‘s a normal and healthy behavior. Puppies start chewing because of two important reasons. One is through chewing they explore their world. The other is that chewing soothes their pain of teething.

Chewing is very important for dogs, they do it throughout their whole lives. I worked for a while with a blind woman getting her used to a new seeing-eye dog, and vice versa. Her dog loved to chew too. In order to keep him away from the woman‘s things we trained him to only chew on pig ears. These were treats for him as well as a toy – and it worked, he didn‘t chew on her shoes or furniture.

Chewing doesn‘t just keep the dog‘s teeth clean but also exercises his body and keeps him occupied. What can you do to encourage your dog to chew on the right things that aren‘t harmful for the dog and destructive for your stuff?

Dogs chew on everything meaning on everything they find in your household including your shoes, pillows and even curtains. It‘s up to you to guide your dog‘s behavior into the right direction and to reward the right chewing behavior. As first step for saving your stuff from your dog‘s teeth you can store your things away. But the next step is as important. Give your dog something good to chew on.

There are different opinions out there about what chewing toy you should give your dog. Some consider cow hoofs and pig ears as a healthy hazard because it could splitter in your dog‘s mouth and maybe break a tooth. As long as you observe your dog though while he is chewing on this kind of chew toy he should be fine.

One of the best chew toy available is the Himalayan Dog Chew. It has many advantages. One of them is that it‘s long lasting. It will give your dog several hours of chewing fun.

The Himalayan Dog Chew is made by boiling yak and cow milk. It‘s dried for several weeks creating that hard chew. When your dog chews on this toy it will soften after several hours of chewing. And only then your dog can scrape parts off of it.

Well, the recipe of this dog chew is ancient. It was used by the people of the Himalayas making their unique cheese. Following this old recipe this dog chew is 100% natural and made with no preservatives.

Himalayan Dog Chews -Medium

Himalayan Dog Chews -Medium

Product Highlights

  • Pack of 5
  • Medium sized treats for dogs under 35 lbs.
  • All-natural and gluten-free
  • Minimum weight 2.3 oz each
  • Ingredients: Yak and cow milk, salt, lime juice
  • From an ancient Himalayan recipe

Customer reviews

I really like these for my dogs to chew on. I have small dogs, 5-10 lbs., but I buy them the medium size. They can still chew them and they last longer.

My Mini Goldendoodle loves this cheese! Takes her several days to eat one. Keeps her interest and cleans her teeth. Very healthy chewing option!

Can’t beat this price! My dog goes crazy for these chews. Very healthy and good for his teeth. One lasts forever! Thank you!


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