Horse Rain Sheet

Thoroughbred with foalGiven the Kentucky Derby is happening this weekend I thought it was appropriate to reflect on my own experience with a retired Thoroughbred mare I once had the pleasure to exercise daily for 4 years. Her name was Csa Csa. Sounds Hungarian? Yes, she came originally from Hungary, but was racing in her younger years in Switzerland. She retired in a small Thoroughbred stud farm in Switzerland where she gave birth to Thoroughbred foals every year.

She was a character, I can tell you. Thoroughbred with foalVery trusting and kind, at the same time very fastidious. One thing she didn’t like at all was rain. Her aversion against rain was so strong that we needed to get her a horse rain sheet in order to keep her happy. When we forgot about it she showed her indignation very distinctly by letting her ears droop and looking at us heartbreakingly.

Well, a horse rain sheet is practical in any case, even if your horse is not as dainty as Csa Csa was. What do you need to know about horse rain sheets?

First a general observation of horses in the wild. They don‘t need any horse rain sheet when it rains. It‘s true, nature gave horses a great defense against rain. When their coat gets wet, their body heat pushes the moisture toward the ends of the hair where the water drops evaporate into the air. You can see this effect in winter when the water drops form tiny icicles at the hair tips.

If you have a horse that needs to be ready for horse shows, races or sport events you will need to protect his coat against wind and weather – and rain. A horse rain sheet must be waterproof and made of a durable rugged fabric. Why?

So many horses just love to roll in the mud, mostly even after a heavy rain downpour. Your horse rain sheet needs to withstand this moves as well as all kinds of horseplays.

A horse rain sheet should definitely be comfortable and allow all freedom of motions. Some come with special features such as gussets and high neck with shaped shoulders like the following model.

Even if you‘re late and it rained already on your horse, a great horse sheet should let the hair underneath dry easily and make your horse stay warm and cozy. I remember Csa Csa loved this feature very much.

Check out the different sizes and colors of the following horse rain sheet in order to find the right size for your horse.

Horze Supreme Horse Rain Rug

Horze Supreme Horse Rain Rug

Product Highlights

  • Made of 1200D polyester rip stop outer shell for waterproof benefit
  • Thin polyester lining
  • High neck with shaped shoulder and extra-high gusset
  • New improved front closure with T-buckles for easy fastening
  • Buckles made of high-quality silver-colored finish durable material
  • 72 inches / 135 cm, more sizes available
  • Black, more colors available

Customer reviews

I am very happy with this turnout blanket. It’s very durable, waterproof (tested during a heavy rainfall), with a breathable liner. When I received the blankets, I put it on my horses in the evening after it started raining and over wet hair. The next morning the hair beneath their blanket was dry and warm. Both my horses seemed quite comfortable in them. One of the horses rolled in her blanket and it remained in place.

Fits as expected. The longer neck is actually very helpful in keeping my boy dryer. Nice closures, Velcro in the front as well.

Wow, this blanket is a great product at a great price. I have horseware Ireland blankets, Horze blankets blow them out of the water. Superior quality at an amazing price.


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