How to Feed your Dog and Cat with an automatic Feeder

CanineStar Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice RecorderYou might be interested in an automatic feeder for your dog or cats for different situations. I will take a closer look at those options later in this post. A good automatic pet feeder though should come with an addition that makes the whole automatic feeding worth while: a voice recorder.

We used to pet-sit two cats and had at their home an automatic feeder helping us that the cats received their food at their usual times. This made it for us sitters easy, we just needed to show up once a day to check if everything was alright, which of course was, those cats were just adorably well-behaved.

At first view it seems that you would be interested in an automatic feeder for exact this situation: you are not at home for a certain period of time and your cats need their usual feeding at their usual time. That‘s the moment where an automatic pet feeder with voice recorder comes in handy. I consciously mentioned cats and not dogs. Cats are more likely to stay calm while left at home alone for a certain period of time than dogs.

CanineStar Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice RecorderBut! You might also need an automatic feeder in cases where your dog or cat needs to eat small portions of food in frequent intervals – maybe because of health issues or age. With an automatic feeder you will feel safe knowing that your dog or cat will get the needed food at the right time. An automatic pet feeder is of course also great for every small animal such as rabbits.

You just set the clock times when you want the food to be served. This following automatic feeder can be used for wet and dry food for a total of 5 meals. And you have the possibility to set the clock time for several meals a day or for one meal once a day for 5 days.

Thanks to the option of recording your voice calling your dog or cat to come and eat, they will hear it and know that the feeder will have food. However, many dogs and cats get so used to this automatic feeder that they check it out anyway when it‘s time enjoying that their food appears magically in the feeder.

This automatic feeder comes with the option of being battery operated which makes it interesting for regions with frequent power outages.

CanineStar Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Recorder

CanineStar Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Recorder

Product Highlights

  • Can hold dry and wet food settings for 5 meals
  • Made of ABS plastic materials, environment-friendly, sunshine resistant, shock resistant
  • Removable food tray for easy cleaning
  • With timer program and voice recorder
  • Large LCD screen displayer
  • Supports back-up battery (not included) that keeps it working for 3 to 5 months

Customer reviews

I purchased 2 feeders to feed my cats while I was away on holiday. They worked great! Set up was relatively easy. I have continued using the feeders daily because the cats no longer wake me up in the morning to be fed. Overall I cannot say enough good things about this product and would recommend it to absolutely anyone who has a cat.

I’m so glad I purchased this to make sure my dog gets fed at the right time every single day. I love how I can record my voice. At first he was a little hesitant, but after two feedings, he knows exactly what to do when I say time to eat! One of my best purchases this year.

This Pet Feeder works far better than I ever could have imagined. Having a 24 hour time is a nice feature! You can set 4 times a day. The feeder lid and food tray can be taken out which is pretty convenient for washing. Well secured lid. I seriously love it. I would highly recommend this feeder to anyone.


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