How to keep white dog fur white

How to keep white dog fur whiteYou don‘t need to prepare your dog for dog shows or exhibitions for wanting to have his white fur look really white.

One way to keep your dog‘s white fur white is by using a natural whitening dog shampoo. You know how important it is for me to find natural products that we can use on our pets guilt-free.

So, I found this natural hypoallergenic whitening dog shampoo that not just helps to keep your dog‘s fur white but makes it also soft and shiny.

White fur is extremely sensitive to every kind of staining may it be through rolling in the mud or even just grass or may it be through health issues. Some staining in white fur could just be caused through simple licking by your dog. Licking or tears can cause staining of white fur. Why is that? Saliva as well as tears contain Porphyrins which turn white fur into brown, red or even pink. Porphyrin is a compound that is naturally to be found in the body.

How to keep white dog fur whiteWe see the effect of this compound when a white dog suddenly shows stain parts on his fur, around his eyes or on his paws. Well, the licking or the tears can be normal but they also can be a sign pointing toward some mild or more severe health issues behind it. When you discover stained spots on the white fur of your dog, please consult your vet first to exclude any health problems.

For a healthy dog with white fur you can easily keep his fur beautifully white. The following product is a natural whitening hypoallergenic dog shampoo. This shampoo works as coat cleanser and optical brightener. This means if you use it on dogs with dark fur of all colors it will brighten the fur color a bit.

How to keep white dog fur whiteThis natural whitening dog shampoo is so gentle that you‘re able to use it on puppies as well.

You will experience softer coat and a fresh white after bathing your puppy or dog in this shampoo. It is said to enhance the natural coat texture and the overall manageability.

A nice side effect is its smell that imitates the Japanese cherry blossom scent. Dog owners love this little detail. They say that this shampoo smell stays with their dogs for days.

Seamus Hypoallergenic Whitening Dog Shampoo

Seamus Hypoallergenic Whitening Dog Shampoo

Product Highlights

  • Professionally formulated dog cat and horse shampoo
  • Mild yet effective soap-free formula without harsh chemicals
  • Ideal for sensitive dry and itchy skin
  • Scented with essence of Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Reduces stains, brightens colors, leaves the coat feeling soft and looking fresh
  • Perfect for white or dark coats that need whitening or brightening

Customer reviews

This shampoo worked very well. My dog’s fur was very soft and my white Jack Russell was brighter after using it. It also smells nice. It is hypoallergenic- no skin issues after use for us. Highly recommend!

I was curious so I decided to get it and I think it was the best decision I have made. The cherry blossom smell is awesome. I have a red and white long haired Pomeranian that is hard to keep his hair well maintained but this shampoo has been working great it keeps the white on my baby nice and bright and it has helped to keep the tangles out also. I will definitely buy this no soap shampoo again!

Works better than advertised. My white Shih Tzu is now whiter and somehow its paws don‘t get easily dirty. Dog smells great for days.


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