How to keep your dog from being bored

keep your dog from being boredDogs can get bored as we people do. And they show very clear signs when they are bored. Some you cannot ignore, they are so strong and obvious.

Dogs like and need to be entertained, there is no question about that. As being the people’s best friend they like to have and do actions with us. If dogs don’t get this wish fulfilled, they get bored.

In this post I’d like to speak about all the signs dogs show when they are bored and also about all the things we can undertake with them in order to avoid boredom and its consequences.

Updated 2017

So, the question is: how do those signs look like and how do you keep your dog from being bored. And the simplest answer to the latter question is: play with your dog. There are awesome dog toys available that make it real easy for you to get your dog‘s attention and keep him busy playing with you.

Well let‘s start with the most common signs of a bored dog.

  • He follows you through the whole house with a toy in his mouth.
  • He jumps on you or just sits in front of you whining.
  • He is a demand barker barking at you non-stop.
  • He is chewing, riping and biting on everything he can get his teeth on – your furniture, your shoes, your legs, everything.
  • He is digging like crazy in the backyard.
  • He gets aggressive towards other dogs, yourself and other people.
  • He sits in your lap, puts his face right in front of you and stares at you.
  • In worst case he shows signs of depression, having given up to get your attention – ever.

Boredom might have for dogs the same health consequences that it has for all pets as well as for people that can become quite severe if not taken care of. So, how do you keep your dog from being bored?

There are several actions that keep dogs entertained, even in a way that they are content for the rest of the day.

walking with dogOne of the first and most important actions every dog owner can do for his dog is go for a walk. Every dog loves that and waits impatiently for the moment you grab the leash and open the door. Dogs have though different needs of walk. Some just love to constantly run around full speed, others are totally fine by just walking your pace with you.

dog trainingThe other activity that keeps dogs from being bored is training. Every dog wants to learn. I know there are opinions out there telling that some dogs are more intelligent than others. Even if that’s true, you can be sure that every dog loves to learn. Teaching a dog habits and tricks keeps him mentally and physically fit. And you will see that your dog won’t get enough of learning new tricks.

playing with dogThe third activity you can do with your dog is playing with him. These are important moments because your dog bonds with you through casual play in a very easy and trusting way. There is also another wonderful side effect coming from mutual play. Dogs that become your full attention feeling your happiness will be happy themselves and turn their playfulness toward other dogs as well.

Naturally there might be days where there is just no time to spend with your dog. In these moments it’s the best to just let him run in the backyard in order to use off his energy and to keep him from being bored. As dog owner you know though that being together with your dog is a daily task – and daily joy.

The whole world is out there to be explored in playful being together with your dog. But of course, there are so many dog toys available among which you may choose for your playing time with your dog. The following dog toy comes as value pack of sturdy toys, able to withstand your dog‘s teeth and interesting enough to be played with.

Dog Toys for Small and Medium Dogs

Dog Toys for Small and Medium Dogs

Product Highlights

  • Set of 5 dog toys
  • Ranging in size from 8″ – 19.5″
  • Includes: 1x Butterfly plush dog toy, 1x Groovy Long Dog plush pet toy, 1x Winged Beetle with Ripstop fabric puppy chew toy, 1x No Fluff Raccoon plush dog toy, 1x Tug Bone rope squeaky toy
  • Colors may vary
  • Ideal for puppies, small and medium dogs

Customer reviews

I love the size of these toys for my 6 mo old lab mix. Great for supervised play for aggressive chewers.

The amount of toys you get in this pack, and the durability of the toys makes it so the order lasts a long time. The multiple squeakers are great and always keep my dog occupied.

Well, the dogs absolutely loved them. The toys are very well-made and strong which is great if you have a dog who tears toys apart easily. I very highly reccomend these and will be purchasing a set for my parent’s dogs.


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