How to keep your Pet Bird entertained

AnnaEye Pet Bird Toy KitBirds need entertainment, they find it in your home playing with everything they can get their beaks on or they find it in their cages – if they have there great pet bird toys. This you may offer as single toy or as bird toy kit.

The plus of a pet bird toy kit is obvious. You have several bird toys in one which you might decide to offer your bird all at the same time or one after the after to keep your bird interested and curious.

One essential point of bird toys is that they need to be made of a chewable material. Every bird loves to chew as every bird loves to play. That‘s why the bird toy needs to be made of an edible material with an edible painting on it. And by-the-way that‘s why it‘s always risky to get your bird a natural branch or stone from your backyard. You never know if it has some negative impact on your bird‘s health.

AnnaEye Pet Bird Toy KitThe following pet bird toy kit offers exactly that certainty. It is made of wood with an edible finish that comes in many colors. This is another essential point for bird toys. Birds love colors. They are more attracted by a toy that is colorful than by a one-color toy.

One kind of toy is beloved by all bird species: ladders. They love to sit on it using the ladder as perch, they love to move up and down on it and as I said, they love to chew it.

As with all new bird toys you like to add to your bird‘s cage, please observe your bird‘s reaction and first plays with it to make sure that everything is alright. It also lets you find out if it‘s better for your bird to hang the new toy high up in the cage or just place it on a perch low in the cage. Every bird has his preferences and those make your bird decide if he likes the new toy or not.

AnnaEye Pet Bird Toy Kit

AnnaEye Pet Bird Toy Kit

Product Highlights

  • Material: wood with colorful finish by edible dye painting
  • Suitable for all kinds of pet bird, parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds
  • Includes 5pcs wood ladder swing: 4.33“L x 3.15“W x 6.7“H
  • Includes 12pcs wood ladder swing: 31“W x 4“W
  • Includes acrylic chewable pendant necklace: 13.7“L
  • 4 metal clasps included

Customer reviews

Nice package of bird toys that any bird lover should have. Highly recommend to use in a large cage.

My birds love their new toys. They are all made of really nice material. The birds love how colorful they are. They are really easily to assemble and will work in any cage. It turned my boring cage into a colorful jungle gym for my birds.

My parakeets love their new toys.


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  1. Shan says:

    Sounds great but I think this works on those parrots which have married earlier hahaha. Thanks for sharing such a nice point.

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