How to treat most common Fish Diseases

How to treat most common Fish DiseasesTo find out if your fish is healthy or not is actually quite easy. The thing is to not just find out that your fish is sick but to have a good general fish treatment at hand so you can react fast before you go to ask your vet for advice.

Rarely you will transport your fish to the vet, it‘s just not very practical. Luckily there are general fish treatments available that are working against most of the common fish diseases.

So, coming back to how fish show their dis-ease. The most often reaction is to float just barely above ground, being sluggish and without any interest in feeding, playing or even swimming around. Some fish develop white spots on head or sides. When my goldfish had a hard time for several days, he showed a blown up belly and disinterest for everything around him.

How to treat most common Fish DiseasesThe reasons for your fish‘s health issues can be multiple but most often it‘s about fungus and some bacteria diseases. If you have a general fish treatment product at hand you can immediately react and help while you get in contact with your vet. Generally a treatment like the following product helps within days and lets your fish regain their health and normal behavior.

People also use this treatment when they add new fish to their aquarium to make sure that everything will be alright. If fungus issues appear repeatedly you might use this treatment regularly as prevention.

Read the instructions of the treatment before using it. There are actions you need to do before adding the tablet such as changing the water, removing the carbon-filter, the UV light and not adding any water conditioner. All these might neutralize the medicine.

Tetra LifeGuard Tablets

Tetra LifeGuard Tablets

Product Highlights

  • Effectively treats most common fish diseases such as ick, fungus, mouth rot
  • May be used as preventative when adding new fish
  • Not suitable for scaleless fish, invertebrates or newly set up tanks
  • 32 counts
  • Unique, broad spectrum and non-antibiotic

Customer reviews

Does a great job whenever I notice a problem. Quickly goes to work and I do not lose anymore fish. Now I add it whenever I add new fish to prevent any problems.

My 2 large Cichlids came down with a fungal infection after laying eggs and I was worried they would not make it. I ordered this. It arrived in 2 days and my fish made it. The fungus cleared within a few days. They were a bit out of sorts but now they have made a full recovery.

I’m very happy with the results of using Lifeguard for my fish. My little guy was sick for a while. With one dose of lifeguard, he’s perked up and I’m positive he’ll make a full recovery in a week.


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