Know where your Dog is with a GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS Pet TrackerThose were the times when a roaming dog had escaped and the whole neighborhood was alerted and on watch to find and catch the escape artist. With a GPS pet tracker you certainly won‘t have any problems anymore finding your escape loving dog or cat.

Speaking of dogs: this tracker is perfectly suited for cats too. We just recently had a Flyer given to us asking for help to find an escaped cat that got frightened by an approaching thunderstorm.

How to use this great little device? First you download the Whistle 3 app, you connect to Wifi, you set a safe place such as your home or backyard and then you attach the device to your dog‘s collar or harness. You will need several pet trackers if you want to set several safe places.

The GPS pet tracker notifies you when your dog roams from his safe place, you can pinpoint and track your dog‘s location directly from your smart phone. The tracker‘s location accuracy is generally high within 10 to 15 feet.

With the monitor activity you are also able to track your dog‘s daily activity with all information about age, weight and breed. The tracker attaches to any collar or harness that are up to 1“ wide and is so lightweight that your dog won’t even notice wearing it.

This pet tracker can be used nationwide, its tracking coverage encompasses all states on the AT&T cellular network.

Being waterproof and durable to hits and scratches it will work wherever your dog is, in water or in the woods. Speaking of woods, th battery is long lasting and is fully chargeable in just 2 hours.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Product Highlights

  • All-in-one GPS location and activity tracker for dogs and cats
  • Proactive alerts
  • Nationwide coverage on AT&T cellular network
  • Monitor activity
  • Longest lasting battery of its kind, fully chargable in only 2 hours
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Attaches to any collar or harness up to 1“ wide
  • Recommended for pets of 8 lbs and above

Customer reviews

Amazing product. Absolutely love it and the customer service is fantastic. We find that the battery lasts for a week or more if kept on WiFi.

Easy to set up and use. Accurate gps on the dog’s location.

Very impressed with the tracking. Very simple set up. Works great.

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  1. Sheryl says:

    Pet trackers sound like a really good idea. Dogs can go easily wonder off.

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