Large Flight Cage

bird cageA large flight cage belongs definitely to the pricier items you will buy for your bird. But it is very worth it because it surely will make your bird happy.

First of all it’s important to know that the quality and of course cleanliness of the cage is very strongly connected to your bird’s health and well-being. I cannot emphasize this fact enough.

The perfect cage for your bird should allows him to stand comfortably, to move and open the wings freely. Besides to the overall size of the cage you also need to pay attention to the cage bars. Bars need to be enough narrow to prevent injury or escape and enough wide to make your bird wanting to climb. How can you find out if your little bird friend needs a large flight cage? I have some tips for you.

The cage is your bird’s home, so it needs to provide enough space for toys, perches, water bowls and food dishes, making your bird feel at home where it can play, rest and eat. The cage shouldn’t be cluttered though, your bird needs enough free space around him.

When you choose the right cage for your bird you consider its size, its safety and comfort. It should help your bird to express his instincts such as flying, climbing, chewing and playing.

These are the most known common cage styles:

  • The Classic cage suits most any bird with its comfort and boxy design and comes often at a great price.
  • The Dometop cage has an expanded curved top which makes the interior more spacious which then again suits more active birds encouraging their flying and climbing activities. The advantage is that the cage offers a spacious head room for the birds while still having a smaller footprint.
  • The Playtop cage is meant for birds that spend a lot of time outside their cage and often comes with a cage-coordinated playland on the top of the cage.
  • And finally the Flight cage, also known as aviaries, comes with large width or height that is perfect for flying birds. Finches need a cage with more width while parrots need a cage with more height according to their flight habits.

These are the details you want to pay attention to: the most important point of a cage is its size, as mentioned above. But you also look for a solid construction like made of metal or even better of stainless steel like the here presented flight cage. You need a cage with strong latches, and it doesn’t matter if the cage has swing-out doors, sliding doors or hinged doors. And speaking of doors. The doors need to be big enough so you are able to reach your entire arm through the access door.

The accessories you will buy for your bird come as last point. You will look for slide-out litter trails – which are nowadays generally standard for every bird cage – and maybe for built-in seed guards.

Avian Adventures Loro Flight Cage

Avian Adventures Loro Flight Cage

Item Highlights

  • Removable roof for installation of full spectrum lighting
  • Cups, perches, removable grate, and touch-up paint included
  • Bird-proof door locks
  • Easy rolling casters
  • Storage shelf to keep food and treats close at hand
  • Size: 72“H x 30“W x 24“D

Customer reviews

I have one female canary and two pairs of zebra finches housed in this cage. What I really like about this cage is the roof and how easy it is to clean. It is well made and has less of a birdcage look to it than some large flight cages I’ve seen. I like the white color– it looks kind of cottage style. The birds are very happy, they like their home too.

Looks so nice, more like a beautiful piece of furniture vs a bird cage. My birds are in it right now singing happily like I’ve never heard them before, so happy.

I love the rigid construction. this cage has generous space for the price and is very well finished, the bars are thick and the paint is smooth and good looking. the doors are strong and latch well.

Since this review was written, Avian has discontinued selling this product. An alternate is now available.


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