Lizard Hammock Lounger

lizard on hammockIf you have a pet lizard, a bearded dragon or hermit crabs you might consider getting your pet a lizard hammock lounger. Lizards of all kinds just love to sunbathe or in their case better said warmth-bathe.

A lounger does not only provide a good place for your pet lizard to relax but also to climb. If you get more than one and hang them at different heights into your lizard‘s terrarium you will see how your little guy immediately climbs from one to the other. It‘s fun to see them explore their environment.

The best products of lizard loungers come in large sizes. That makes it possible for your pet lizard to stretch out fully what they like to do when sitting under a warm source. Why do lizards need warmth?

Lizards like all reptiles are ectotherm animals. Ectotherm means that they obtain heat from the environment – in opposite to endotherm animals that produce their own heat internally. All animals need a certain heat for normal cellular activity and biological processes – and you can add here everything from breathing to digesting.

This is the reason why you see your lizard relaxing and resting most of the day in a comfortable hammock under the warmth you provide with an adequate source.

The advantage of having one lounger or even more of these comfortable hammock loungers in your lizard terrarium is that it keeps the space underneath free. So even if your terrarium is not very big you still can get one or two loungers and hang them over the pool and the whole area underneath stays free. It‘s like creating one or more new stories into your lizard‘s home.

And as I said, you will see with how much interest your pet lizard will climb from one lounger to the other and back. The following model comes with strong suction cups which is important to hold the weight of your lizard as well as to balance all his moves.

Penn-Plax Lizard Lounger X-Large

Penn-Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger, Large

Product Highlights

  • Natural lizard lounger and thermometer/hygrometer combo
  • Ideal for bearded dragons, other lizards or hermit crabs
  • Size: 29″ L x 7″ W
  • Strong suction cups included

Customer reviews

Bought the hammock for my bearded dragon and he absolutely loves it. It fits the entire length of his tank and has room to go to either side.

I purchased the lounger for my Chinese water dragon and I totally love it! Her tank is fairly tall and kind of narrow and the small pool takes up most of the base of the tank. The lounger provides a great surface for her to climb and reach the other hammock. Overall it was a great purchase, highly recommended!

My lizard loves this hammock! He lays on it all day under his light! Great product, highly recommended!


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