Magnetic Gecko Diet Feeder

gecko habits and instinctsGeckos might not be the most common pets out there, but nevertheless there are many who love geckos, all sorts of geckos. Well, being a gecko owner is much fun, but it also brings duties. Such as providing the basics in order to meet all the needs and requirements a gecko has to maintain his health and happiness.

A gecko diet feeder belongs to these basics. Geckos have specific habits and instincts. With the right gecko diet feeder you certainly help your little gecko friend to live them. Here are some points to consider.

Geckos love to climb. You certainly observe this instinct with your gecko when he moves around in his terrarium. This natural habit keeps most geckos from staying for a longer period of time on the bottom of his terrarium.

Knowing about this behavior you will experience that your little gecko friend keeps better eating habits when his food and water dishes are at elevated heights. Geckos just love to climb around and then descend to their feeding place.

This magnetic gecko diet feeder comes with two cups. You can use one for food and one for water. The water cup has the perfect size for geckos. Why? Geckos shouldn’t have a water dish that‘s too big because your gecko will be tempted to bathe in it and will contaminate therefore his water. Also the food cup has a good size. Whatever you feed your gecko crickets or other insects, it should not be bigger than the width of your gecko‘s head in order to avoid choking. This cup provides just enough space for small food parts and supports therefore healthy eating.

The following gecko diet feeder is formed as ledge imitating natural environment for geckos. Having strong magnets both inside the ledge and attached to the outside of the terrarium, is another very important point. You don‘t want a gecko diet feeder that wobbles with every move your gecko makes on it.

Ultimate Gecko Ledge – Magnetic Gecko Diet Feeder

Ultimate Gecko Ledge Magnetic Gecko Diet Feeder

Product Highlights

  • Made from ABS plastic, easy to clean
  • With ultra strength magnets
  • Comes with 8 free cups of 1.5 oz
  • Supports up to 4 adult size crested geckos at one time
  • Size: 8.4“ x 4.8“ x 2.5“

Customer reviews

The magnetic gecko feeder is perfect. It’s sits up where my gargoyle gecko like to be. It’s easy to move and clean. It’s a quick set up. It’s really sturdy and looks great. I purchased another for my crested gecko and he loves it too.

Looks very nice. It’s large, but it doesn’t look out of place in my 20 Gallon High terrarium. And I like that I can keep one of the dishes full of water for them.

My eyelash crested gecko loves this dock. I have it sticking to the top of her cage next to a branch that she gets off and on to eat from. It is easy to clean with a sponge. The magnets are SUPER STRONG. The kit comes with several cups. I guess you could put water in one instead of two foods.


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