Top 3 Outdoor Heating Pads for Pets around $30

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Bed for PetsAfter having written about Indoor Electric Heating Pads for Dogs and Cats today it is all about electric heating pads for pets that can be used outdoors as well. In order to fulfill this requirement these outdoor electric heating pads for pets need to be waterproof besides being dust-proof and fireproof.

Of course you can use this outdoor heating pad not just for dogs and cats but also for rabbits and all kinds of small pets you keep outdoors.

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Best Health Bird Food for Cockatiels

Kaytee Health Bird Food for CockatielsWhat you want for your beloved Cockatiel is a good healthy bird food that‘s specifically based on the needs of Cockatiels.

Cockatiels need healthy food as all pet birds do. You see if your Cockatiel is healthy by his behavior that shows intelligence, interest in everything and a healthy eating habit. And you see his health in his bright vividly colored feathers.

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Top 3 Glowing Aquarium Decorations

Govine Aquarium Glowing Decorations for Fish TankFor people who don’t have experience with pet fish it might be surprising how playful fish can be. Fish really appreciate any kind of aquarium decoration you add. Even more so when it’s about glowing aquarium decorations. What fun for them! And what fun for you.

Glowing aquarium decorations enhance the visual appeal of any aquarium, may the fish tank be small or big. There are different types of glowing aquarium decorations available, free floating or fixed on the bottom of the aquarium. Let‘s take a look.

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How to keep white dog fur white

How to keep white dog fur whiteYou don‘t need to prepare your dog for dog shows or exhibitions for wanting to have his white fur look really white.

One way to keep your dog‘s white fur white is by using a natural whitening dog shampoo. You know how important it is for me to find natural products that we can use on our pets guilt-free.

So, I found this natural hypoallergenic whitening dog shampoo that not just helps to keep your dog‘s fur white but makes it also soft and shiny.

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Top 3 Cozy Cat Tents under $20

Petmaker Cozy Kitty TentCats are like dogs in regard of wanting to have their own private place to hide, relax and sleep. Getting your cats a cozy cat tent though is even more than just getting them a cat bed.

A Cat Tent looks so cozy with its unique style. Wherever you will place this cat tent you will like the look of it.

Being enclosed these cat tents work perfectly in colder temperatures keeping your cats warm and cozy.

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Top 3 Decorative Reptofilters for Aquarium/Terrarium

Tetra Decorative Reptile Filter for AquariumsReptiles and amphibians love pretty environment as we do. By getting them a decorative Reptofilter you will make them happy. These Reptofilters work of course also for you and make the aquarium or terrarium look really nice.

Tetra Decorative Reptile Filter for AquariumsThese newer models of decorative Reptofilters work quietly so you see and have a waterfall in your pet‘s aquarium or terrarium but you don‘t hear any noise.

I found the following great models that are very decorative and come in different sizes so you can fit the right one in your aquarium or terrarium.

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Great Pet Exercise Outdoor Fence around $40

Oxgord Pet Exercise Out-Door FenceNot every dog owner has a backyard that comes with a high enough fence which makes it safe for dogs to run around and to be outdoors. This pet exercise outdoor fence is perfect for at home use and for transport.

It has thanks to its construction so many advantages that you might be interested in it if you have several dogs or even rabbits or if you want to make sure that your dog is in a safe place while home alone.

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Top 3 Illuminate Horse Breastplate Collars around $35

Moylor Illuminate LED Horse Breastplate CollarHad I but known about this practical LED illuminated horse breastplate collar back in my riding time! I would have wished to have one of these for my horse when I was regularly training  in the evening hours, sometimes deep into night.

Riding back to the stable was always dangerous as you can imagine. I used to get more tired just by riding back than through the whole training.

With this LED illuminate horse breastplate collar you don‘t have to deal with hazardous riding in the night. You and your horse will be seen far ahead.

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Top Cat Grass Growing Kit

The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass Growing KitWe already stated that cats are carnivores, they need to eat meat, a lot of meat for protein and fat. That’s why good cat food consists mostly of meat. But as cat owner you probably observed them eating grass from time to time.

That has its reason, health reason, and it’s good when you can provide your indoor cat with great grass. Having therefore a cat grass kit will help you help your cat stay healthy.

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Top Chinchilla Bath House

Green Farm Chinchilla Bath HouseIt‘s not like a Spa, this Chinchilla Bath House, although it sounds like that. It is nothing more than an enclosed house for Chinchillas to bathe. I was writing about Chinchilla Bathing Sand, what it is and why Chinchillas need to bath in sand or dust instead of water.

Well, if your chinchilla likes to bathe in dust you certainly will have a mess after his bath just because all the dust flying around. Did I mention that Chinchillas love to roll around in dust? A Chinchilla Bath House is just made for this purpose. And you know me, it’s even better when it’s made of an all-natural material.

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Top 2 All Natural Dog Paw Protection

Paw Nectar 100% Organic Natural Paw WaxI remember a German Shepherd called Rika that stayed at our vet office for a while to let her paws heal. She hated dog shoes, pulled them off the moment we pulled them on. This dog was definitely a candidate for paw protection through paw wax. That eventually helped her to heal her paws so she could go home.

You know me, I‘m a huge advocate for all-natural products for our pets. Here too I was looking for the best dog paw protection products that are made of all-natural ingredients. What do you need to know about dog paw protection? Here are some thoughts.

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Best MRP Diet for Fruit-eating Crested Geckos

Fruit-eating crested geckoAn MRP diet? What‘s that? If you have already a crested gecko or another fruit-eating reptile you know it. For everybody else and possibly future crested gecko owners: MRP means Meal Replacement Powder. An MRP diet is a full diet for crested geckos as well as for other fruit-eating reptiles such as gargoyles, day geckos, anoles, skinks, chameleons and iguanids.

What do you need to know about MRP diet for crested geckos, how to use it and how to feed it to your little guy? Here are some thoughts.

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