Pet Stair Steps for older or small Cats and Dogs

Foldable Pet Dog Cat Stairs StepsCats and dogs are normally very agile, very willing to move, to jump and to run. Well, that‘s true as long as your dog and cat is young and healthy. As it is with us and age our pets might experience the same health issues that slows them down and makes it sometimes impossible to jump up somewhere.

With pet stair steps you can help your older cat or dog getting up where they were used to in younger age. Pet stair steps are of course also very welcomed for small dogs and small kittens.

The here presented pet stair steps has many advantages that might help you choosing it for your pet. You use these stair steps obviously as stairs to help your older dog and cat to climb up. But you probably will see that your pet will use it also as a nice buffer where to jump down.

One of the great features of this pet stairs is that it is foldable making a one-step stair with one piece. If you want to add another step to it – perhaps because your sofa or the first perch on your cat tree is very high – you need to get a second piece. With this second piece you can create a 3-step stairs.

People like the material it is made of. Some pet stairs are made of wood that makes them sturdy and withstanding all kinds of moves but at the same time a hazard if your older dog or cat misses the step or slips on it. This model is made of 100% foam, meaning it‘s not just foam covering a harder material underneath. This detail makes it easy for you to use it as safe stairs and to use it as well as comfortable pet bed if you want.

When should you decide getting pet stairs instead of a pet ramp? Well, as long as your cat and dog are movable it‘s better for them to still climb stairs than just to walk up on a ramp. Watch your pets carefully. Their moves shouldn’t cause pain but should keep them flexible and willing to move and climb.

To be sure that you know if you need 1 or 2 pieces, please measure the height of your sofa, of your cat tree or window sill or wherever your pet likes to climb and compare it with the size of this pet stair steps.

When you get your cat or dog used to his new stairs be patient and allow them to discover this new piece slowly and accept it as their own. Dogs and cats accept steps faster when they‘re deep and allow for them to sit on the step if they want to.

Foldable Pet Dog Cat Stairs Steps

Foldable Pet Dog Cat Stairs Steps

Product Highlights

  • Soft and breathable mesh fabric
  • High density foam
  • Cover can easily be removed and washed
  • Foldable and usable as mat or bed for pet
  • Color: Black, also available in 5 more colors
  • Package includes 1 step
  • Size flat: 25.6“ x 14.9“ x 3.9“
  • Size fold: 18.5“ x 14.9“ x 7.8“

Customer reviews

Like that the steps are 100% foam, not foam over something harder. Our 9-year-old JRT was having some difficulty jumping directly to/from the bed and we ordered two of these (to use as three steps) as an alternative path.

I bought this for my small dog that was having a hard time jumping on the couch. I love that you can fold it up to create a stair or fold it all the way down for a step.

Works perfect for my older short legged kitty. Lightweight and made well. Thinking about ordering another one!


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