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preparing horse for showI worked back in Switzerland for quite a while in the Swiss National Stud Farm in Avenches. One of our jobs was to prepare the stallions for shows. That was fun! I just loved to beautify stallions for those events – well, as if you could beautify a stallion more than he already is.

My favorite task  was plaiting their manes. It took patience because the stallions didn’t understand that they shouldn’t move around while I tried to create nice plaits. Well, and the other work included the use of horse clippers. What do you need to know about horse clippers? I have some tips for you.

Updated 2017

preparing horse for showYou actually have two tasks when preparing your horse for a show. You might need to make a full body clip as well as some smaller tasks such as tidying stray hair under the jaw, on the fetlocks and around the ears.

The best horse clipper should be able to accomplish both tasks. These are the factors you might take into consideration when choosing a horse clipper:

  • It should come with a high quality blade that doesn’t run hot after a lengthy use and that stays reliably sharp.
  • It should run silently. A very important point. Even if your horse is patient and trusting you want to look for a quiet clipper that doesn’t make your horse jump when you work around his ears or facial area.
  • It should be cordless and come with a long-lasting battery. The faster you can finish your clipping session the better. Your horse will be thankful for that. Also being cordless means you don‘t need to look for an outlet and you can move freely around your horse.

horse showBeing able to present a beautiful horse on a show is so much rewarding every effort you put into preparing your horse. This I say from my experience hoping it’s the same for you.

A little tip of how to clip your horse‘s hair. If your task is about shaping or sculpturing it might be the best to just clip off a little at a time. You will make more passes, but in this case it will be better than to clip off a lot in one pass. You have more control over your work.

Generally it‘s essential to work on a clean coat, clean and dry. Otherwise the blade of your clipper will blunt much faster. Also working on a clean coat will make your task much more efficient.

Andis Professional Equine Clipper

Andis Professional Equine Clipper

Product Highlights

  • Contoured, break-resistant housing
  • Cordless detachable blade clipper with cool-running long lasting CeramicEdge blade
  • Runs continuously for 1 hour on a fully charged battery
  • Includes a high-capacity battery pack
  • 4-piece kit includes: powerful rotary motor clipper, charging stand, durable hard case, blade oil

Customer reviews

These are the BEST clippers for horses as well as dogs that I have EVER HAD! I cannot believe how QUIETLY and efficiently these clippers run. It is wonderful to be able to clip horse whiskers and bridle paths and not have to find an electrical outlet! You will love how quickly it recharges!

So far I have been very happy with these clippers. They charge very fast and hold a charge for an hour to 45 minutes. They clip very nicely and I love the ease of having cordless clippers for trimming. I would definitely recommend them.

Quiet, solid and horses barely notice. I own younger, high spirited horses that are full of energy. No need to use a twitch while using this on ears or facial area. Very quiet compared to others and minimal vibration. The battery lasts about 30 minutes if using consistently but not having a cord is virtually priceless. Excellent product.


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  1. Wow what a cool job that must have been preparing horses for shows. Had no idea they had clippers for animals like that either.

  2. que original, para los caballos, buena idea

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    Amazing post! Love the horse world! 🙂

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