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Best Gift Ideas for Your Pets

gift idea for petsI still remember the first time a friend’s son gave the first present to his two beloved guinea pigs.  It was Christmas, and the boy decided that his little friends should also get a gift.  So cute!  Well, he actually kept this great idea until both guinea pigs died, and he moved on to having a dog.

Giving your pet a present might sound awkward to you, but it is really fun – for you and your pet.  With guinea pigs it’s easy indeed because you can give them something they don’t get on a regular basis.

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Top 4 Fish Tank Accessories between $5 and $14

aquarium accessoriesI grew up having a single goldfish that lived his first years in a tiny round fish tank until we got him – I actually found out very late that he was male – a bigger fish tank.  And with the bigger fish tank, well, of course the fish tank accessories suddenly got interesting.

From my experience I can say that first I thought fish tank accessories are mainly made for human entertainment or aesthetic needs.  But while this might be true – hopefully is – the fish is enjoying them equally if not even more.   My little goldfish became so playful after we added several different fish tank accessories.  It definitely worked!

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