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Top 5 Perches for Birds around $10

Booda Comfy Perch for BirdsBirds of all sizes need entertainment, fun, play to relieve cage stress and boredom.  Providing perches for your pet bird is an important service you can give to your beloved bird.  Perches come in all kind of forms and materials which is great because you can offer your bird different styles or perches in order to find out which one he likes the best.

If a perch is flexible and bendable you have the opportunity to place it just everywhere in the cage in every form you can imagine.  For your bird this is a great thing to be busy with, finding it in different forms and positions.  Birds are curious by instinct, and they like to figure things out.  With a great perch you can provide a perfect item of fun and play.  What do you need to know about bird perches?  Here are some tips for you.

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Top 3 Bird Hideaways under $10

Prevue Hendryx Coco Bird HideawayBirds need privacy, a place they can call their own, like so many other pet.  They like to hide in a nest-like hut, shelter or any other kind of hideaway.  Getting your pet bird a hideaway is one step toward helping to establish calmness and rest for them.

A bird hideaway gives your beloved bird a place of his own where he feels secure and safe.  They look so cute and comfortable when they sit in their hideaways.  Actually it is recommended to have a bird hideaway if your little bird shows anxiety related problems.  But also healthy and happy birds benefit from having a hideaway.  They use it for their naps, for some play time and also to hide from loud scary noises made for example by vacuum cleaners.

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