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Small Cat Tree around $30

cat on windowsillOften I hear from cat owners the objection why should they get a cat tree when their cats are perfectly fine with sitting on the window sills. Well, to tell the truth, that‘s just one part of your cat‘s life.

Of course cats like to sit somewhere high up there in order to overlook everything. A behavior that comes from their natural stalking instinct. They also like to climb though, to jump, to stretch, roam, rub, scratch and play. And last but not least they like to take a nap.

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Top 4 Cat Playpens between $100 and $250

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat PlaypenWhy would you need a cat playpen?  Well, if you are a working person with one or more cats waiting at home for you, you could be interested.

A cat playpen could look on first sight a little intimidating in terms of comfort for cats.  Soon you would discover though that your cats actually love their new condo.

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How to keep your cat from scratching your furniture

cat scratchingCats are predators.  And as predators they are equipped with great weapons: their claws.  And those claws need continuous attention and care by the cat.

Well, you know how they do that.  They scratch on everything they get their claws on, even if it is your furniture.  And this is the moment where you need to offer you cat a scratching post.

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Top 3 Cat Trees under $130

Armarkat Cat tree CondoCats are predators.  And they don’t lose this instinct even when they live their whole life indoors.  As being predators cats have a huge urge for motion, such as running, jumping and climbing.  Every cat owner surely can tell a thing or two about it.

Also as being predators cats need to sharpen their “weapons”, meaning claws, from time to time.  Cat trees meet both of these needs in the most perfect way – and it doesn’t matter if your cat is an indoor cat or has the opportunity to go outdoors.

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