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Cat Harness with Leash for Travels and Walks

traveling with catAs with dogs there are some rules you have to be aware when you want to take your cat on an airplane. These rules require that you have to use a cat leash or cat harness for stress-free traveling with your cat. The best choice is to get a cat harness with leash that fits your cat perfectly.

There are of course more situations where you might need a cat harness. Let‘s take a closer look at those moments and how you and your cat handle them the best.

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Top 3 Cat Litter Boxes under $35

Purina Tidy Cats Litter Box KitCats are clean animals, very clean.  They groom themselves constantly, not only when they go to the cat litter box.  But there it is very obvious that cats want to be clean.  They bury their waste with litter and afterwards they clean themselves.  Continuous grooming is in their nature.  A research found that cats groom themselves about 50% of their waking time.  Fascinating, isn’t it.

Do you know why cats clean themselves so fastidiously?  It’s their instinct.  Wild cats want to remove all smell of food or waste from their body and fur.  They do so after eating, after pooping and even before going to sleep.  It’s their natural instinct to keep them safe from being smelled and detected by other predators. And you help your little cat friend by providing a clean big or small cat litter box.

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