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Best Health Bird Food for Cockatiels

Kaytee Health Bird Food for CockatielsWhat you want for your beloved Cockatiel is a good healthy bird food that‘s specifically based on the needs of Cockatiels.

Cockatiels need healthy food as all pet birds do. You see if your Cockatiel is healthy by his behavior that shows intelligence, interest in everything and a healthy eating habit. And you see his health in his bright vividly colored feathers.

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How to train a Cockatiel to talk

How to train a CockatielCockatiels are perfect pet birds for many reasons to which I will get to later in this post. Cockatiels are small parrots. They come with a variety of color patterns and a very distinctive crest. This crest is a sign for the Cockatiel‘s emotional state. It is vertical when the bird is excited, a bit oblique when the bird is relaxed and flat to the head when the bird is angry.

Where do Cockatiels come from? According to newest research Cockatiels are classified as the smallest in the cockatoo family. And they are native to Australia where they love to live in the bush lands always close to water.

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