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Top 3 Terrarium Thermometers

Exo Terra Digital Thermometer with probeWhy do you need a thermometer for your terrarium or aquarium?

I know it‘s obvious. You need a thermometer to control the temperature in your terrarium or aquarium.

Some people even use them just everywhere in their household and I also heard of somebody using it for his chickens.

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Top 3 Caves for Reptiles and Amphibians

reptile hiding in caveAs I said in earlier posts reptiles as well as amphibians like – or better – need a hiding place where they can rest, relax and sleep. A place that‘s covered simulating a cave is the best solution for most reptiles and amphibians.

A cave for reptiles and amphibians has several advantages that might help you in your decision to get one for your gecko, snake, toad or turtle.

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Top 3 Water Dishes for Reptiles under $10

water dish for reptilesWater is essential for every living being, and reptiles aren’t excluded. They love water, some of them as living environment, all of them for drinking. The best way for you to offer fresh drinking water to your pet reptile is in an appropriate water dish for reptiles.

What do you need to know about water dishes for reptiles? I have some ideas for you.

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Top 3 Terrarium Kit for Semi-aquatic Pets between $70 and $150

Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat KitWhen you start out with semi-aquatic pets, getting your first terrarium kit is certainly the easiest way to go. A terrarium kit for beginners comes most often with everything essential included.

Still, make sure by reading the item description and customer reviews if this is the case with the terrarium kit you choose for your little reptile pet.

Terrariums for semi-aquatic pets are different from the ones for aquatic pets. Semi-aquatic pets include salamanders, newts, frogs and some turtles. Before you get your terrarium starter kit make sure that your future pet is a semi-aquatic animal.

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Top 5 Reptile Resting Places between $5 and $20

Crocodile SkullReptiles need a space where they can rest, sleep, recover and of course hide.  A very important need of your reptile.  Reptile resting places are actually a must for your reptile aquarium or terrarium. There are so many different variations of reptile resting places available.  You can find comfortable hammocks with ladders to climb up or caves with a real life look.  It’s amazing.

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Top 3 Reptile Tanks between $35 and $200

KollerCraft Reptile Habitat 5-GallonReptiles are fascinating animals, admittedly extremely fascinating as pets.  I often heard that it is more difficult to keep a reptile as a pet than a cat or dog.  Well, I disagree.  All pets need a lot of your time and your attention, need to have a lot of requirements fulfilled in order to stay healthy and happy.  One of the first things to purchase when you want to have a reptile as pet is a reptile habitat, a reptile tank, a reptarium, in the appropriate size of course.

There are many different reptiles available as pets with different requirements.  Most of the reptile habitats answer well to these requirements through their versatility and easy adaptability.  First of all make sure that the reptile tank is big enough for your pet reptile.  You might spend some more money considering that your little reptile pet will grow and eventually outgrow its habitat.  A smaller reptile tank on the other side is easier to move and clean.

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