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Top 3 Small Animal Hideout Houses between $2 and $30

NiteangeL® Tunnel and House SystemSmall animals such as mice, hamsters and gerbils need housing as a hideout in their cages. They need retreat opportunities for resting, nesting and playing. Many of the available houses for small animals allow to climb on them and explore them from all sides.

An important thought before choosing a model is that will it fit your pet’s cage, is it too big or too small for your personal situation. The retreat house shouldn’t take all space in your pet’s cage. Your pet needs still some place for playgrounds, chew toys and more.

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Top 4 Hamster Playgrounds under $10

hamster playingWhen we see hamsters, these cute little furry pets, we rarely think of their needs.  But they have them, so much so that they answer with different issues, health issues mostly, if their needs aren’t answered properly.

Hamsters as well as many other small rodents have incredible energy and need a lot of running and jumping.  Wild hamsters run around for miles – on search for food.  Imagine that!  Being able to run around for miles!  Now you will understand that if this need isn’t met hamsters get easily overweight.  The simple act of offering them one or two playgrounds solves this problem.

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