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Why do Hamsters need Hamster Wheels

hamsterYou know the picture. A hamster running endlessly in a hamster wheel. At first sight it might look weird and even compulsive. I can assure you it‘s far from being obsessive.

To prove that we need to take a look at wild hamsters and their behavior and needs. And then I‘d like to point out some aspects that a good hamster wheel needs to have in order to be perfect for your hamster and for you – your ears as a matter of fact.

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Top 4 Chew Toys for Rabbits around $5

peters woven play ballYou don’t know how funny it can be to see bunnies when they play, run around, chase a toy ball or chew on it until you watched them.  Rabbits are very playful and exploratory, and they need to live their playful side and drive to explore in order to stay mentally and physically healthy and happy.

Chew toys are perfect for rabbits because they provide a big variety of material to chew on and to play around with.  Rabbits are curious animals, eternally curious.  So, they need to find out what the things are they encounter, and they want to find it out by playing with it and by chewing it.  It’s their instinct.  You can observe this behavior also with wild rabbits outside your home.

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Top 3 Water Feeders for small pets under $15

Petco Water Bottle for Small AnimalsProviding enough fresh water for your pet belongs to your first-most attention.  Why?  Because your pet needs water as much as you.  For us it is recommended to drink at least half a gallon or 2 liters of water per day.  And I mean water, not coffee, tea or soft drinks.  Actually, according to a research water is the second most popular drink in the U.S.  Isn’t this great.

Water feeders are perfect because you don’t need to worry about water dripping on the floor.  Your pet – cat, small dog, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret – can drink of it whenever they want to.  For your pet it is very easy to learn how to drink from a water feeder.  A water feeder is a must for all pets living in cages where you cannot place any open water bowl.

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Top 4 Hamster Playgrounds under $10

hamster playWhen we see hamsters, these cute little furry pets, we rarely think of their needs.  But they have them, so much so that they answer with different issues, health issues mostly, if their needs aren’t answered properly.

Hamsters as well as many other small rodents have incredible energy and need a lot of running and jumping.  Wild hamsters run around for miles – on search for food.  Imagine that!  Being able to run around for miles!  Now you will understand that if this need isn’t met hamsters get easily overweight.  The simple act of offering them one or two playgrounds solves this problem.

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