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Top Saddle Rack folding and wall mounted around $50

horse saddle rackYour horse saddle needs to have a dry solid space to be placed on while not in use. And while it may look nice hanging a saddle over a fence, it’s not very practical. You will need a saddle rack to get your saddle out of weather and dirt. This saddle rack is doubly interesting. It’s foldable and wall mounted and therefore very space saving.

I used to transport horses in trailers to different horse shows and competitions back in Switzerland. I had a folding saddle rack mounted on the door of the trailer. When out of use I just folded it flat down and it was out of the way.

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Some things to know before buying a horse

buying a horseAre you thinking about getting a horse one day? You are not alone. This is the dream of so many people! I had this dream once, too. It was so strong that as teenager I tried to convince my father to look into getting a horse for us. We actually came even as far as finding my dream horse in Hungary. He was a 3-year-old brown gelding, a Hungarian breed called Kisber Felver. The horse‘s name was Baka.

It turned out that we didn’t meet the even the most basic requirement you need to care for a horse. What is this basic requirement and how can you meet it in order to actually being able to buy a horse.

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