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Feed Bin for Horse-, Goat- and Alpaca-Food

Feeding horses on pastureIf you own large animals such as horses, alpacas, llamas or a herd of goats, sheep or cattle, you probably keep large quantities of feed. Where do you keep it? In your barn or outdoors close to the pasture in bags or open in a wooden crate? In this case you also most certainly know the problem of feed contamination through weather or infestation through rodents, such as mice and raccoons.

There is a way to avoid keeping your animal feed exposed. A feed bin of a large but still workable size is the answer to how to keep large animal feed in a safe and practical way.

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Some things to know before buying a horse

buying a horseAre you thinking about getting a horse one day? You are not alone. This is the dream of so many people! I had this dream once, too. It was so strong that as teenager I tried to convince my father to look into getting a horse for us. We actually came even as far as finding my dream horse in Hungary. He was a 3-year-old brown gelding, a Hungarian breed called Kisber Felver. The horseā€˜s name was Baka.

It turned out that we didn’t meet the even the most basic requirement you need to care for a horse. What is this basic requirement and how can you meet it in order to actually being able to buy a horse.

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