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Why do Ferrets love to sleep in a Sleeper Tent

Sleep-E Tent Super SleeperGetting a ferret as pet is always exciting. They‘re such energetic animals, they love to play and explore endlessly. This is the reason why many households with ferrets are made ferret-proof the moment these adorable little guys enter the home.

Well, ferrets are fireballs, always moving around, running, jumping and playing. Not always, actually. Ferrets sleep many hours a day – maybe to be able to be so energetic during waking hours.

There are some points you need to know about ferrets and their sleeping habits and why they need a sleeper tent.

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Bestsellers in May 2017


I now can present my list of the best selling items on Animals Small and Big that people chose and purchased in May 2017.

I invite you to take a look at what has made its entry to the bestseller list of May 2017.

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Top 3 Bird Food for Canaries

food for canariesI once was asked to pet-sit for a little Canary named Joggl during the vacation of his owner. First I was skeptical if the little bird will be comfortable enough in my apartment. But this little fluffball started to sing the moment I placed his cage in my living room. I became so used to his daily singing that I missed the little guy when the owner came back from vacation and picked Joggl up.

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How to train a Cockatiel to talk

How to train a CockatielCockatiels are perfect pet birds for many reasons to which I will get to later in this post. Cockatiels are small parrots. They come with a variety of color patterns and a very distinctive crest. This crest is a sign for the Cockatiel‘s emotional state. It is vertical when the bird is excited, a bit oblique when the bird is relaxed and flat to the head when the bird is angry.

Where do Cockatiels come from? According to newest research Cockatiels are classified as the smallest in the cockatoo family. And they are native to Australia where they love to live in the bush lands always close to water.

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Chinchilla Chiller Granite Stone

chinchillaA chin chiller? You might ask: why should I get a chiller stone for my chinchilla? Good question, actually. Well, you need to keep your chinchilla cool when the surrounding temperature gets too high. The comfort zone for chinchillas is between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It really shouldn’t exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And this is the important point.

Are chinchillas really as sensitive to heat as it sounds? Yes, they are. The danger of overheating is for chinchillas very high. The chins can die from heat stroke very easily. So, what can you do when you live in a climate where it gets really hot?

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Top 3 Small Animal Hideout Houses between $2 and $30

NiteangeL® Tunnel and House SystemSmall animals such as mice, hamsters and gerbils need housing as a hideout in their cages. They need retreat opportunities for resting, nesting and playing. Many of the available houses for small animals allow to climb on them and explore them from all sides.

An important thought before choosing a model is that will it fit your pet’s cage, is it too big or too small for your personal situation. The retreat house shouldn’t take all space in your pet’s cage. Your pet needs still some place for playgrounds, chew toys and more.

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Top 4 Small/Medium Bird Cages around $50

birds in small bird cageJust as we love our homes our pet birds love their cage as home which makes the design of the cage for your bird very important. Here are the most important points you need to know before choosing your bird cage.

First of all the perfect bird cage needs to provide enough space for your bird to move around, to fully extend his wings inside the cage. Additional space is needed for bird toys, dishes, perches and other places your birds love to hang out such as swings or nests.

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Top 3 Snacks for Rabbits around $3

snacks for rabbitsOne way fighting boredom with rabbits is to offer them snacks, healthy snacks of course. Snacks cannot replace full food but they are important as additional nutritional treat and as chewing toy.

Giving your little rabbit healthy snacks keeps them from chewing or nibbling your furniture or worse left lying about cords. Of course you can give these snacks to guinea pigs and chinchillas as well.

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Top 4 Chew Toys for Rabbits around $5

peters woven play ballYou don’t know how funny it can be to see bunnies when they play, run around, chase a toy ball or chew on it until you watched them.  Rabbits are very playful and exploratory, and they need to live their playful side and drive to explore in order to stay mentally and physically healthy and happy.

Chew toys are perfect for rabbits because they provide a big variety of material to chew on and to play around with.  Rabbits are curious animals, eternally curious.  So, they need to find out what the things are they encounter, and they want to find it out by playing with it and by chewing it.  It’s their instinct.  You can observe this behavior also with wild rabbits outside your home.

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Top 4 Chinchilla Cages under $130

Midwest Homes for Pets Chinchilla CageA long time ago I worked for some months in a Chinchilla Breeding Station in Hungary.  This station had dozens of chinchilla cages with hundreds of chinchillas.  I was totally fascinated by these small rodents with their thick soft fur, but mostly I was amazed about their motion-loving headstrong personalities.  In short time I advanced there as the chinchilla catcher – because of my fast reactions.  Those chinchillas though weren’t pets, the breeding parents you could even call to be wild.  But their babies were sold as pets to interested people all over the world.

This is the best situation if you want to get a Chinchilla as pet: getting them as young.  When you handle young chinchillas gently and patiently, your chinchilla will bond closely with you.

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