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Bestsellers in May 2017


I now can present my list of the best selling items on Animals Small and Big that people chose and purchased in May 2017.

I invite you to take a look at what has made its entry to the bestseller list of May 2017.

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Orthopedic bed for large dogs

bed for large dogI’m always surprised when I visit a family with a dog and I see that the dog has no own bed but instead stretches out on the sofa or elsewhere in the living room. Well, it might seem cherishing a dog by allowing him to jump on sofas and chairs sharing the sitting places with the family. But it actually isn’t.

Getting a dog bed for your dog belongs to the basic items you need to offer your dog besides food, feeding dishes, collars and leash. Dog beds also serve several purposes.

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Top 4 Large Dog Beds between $80 and $240

PetFusion Dog LoungeThere are several reasons why getting a dog bed is a great solution – for both, you and your dog.  One main reason is a dog’s explicit wish for having his own place.  You can even call that a wish for privacy.  It’s true.  As much as dogs love your company and attention, they also need their calm moments where they can retreat and find peace.

Another important reason why a dog bed is just perfect for you and your dog is the hygiene factor.  A dog is never as clean as humans are, and I don’t just speak about their hair all over your place.  So, whenever you allow your dog to sit on your couch, sofa or even to lie on your bed, you allow at the same time all the microbes that live on your dog – virus, bacteria, parasites and more – on your couch, sofa and bed – and eventually on yourself.

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