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What you need to know before getting a pet rabbit

rabbit as petThere’s no question about rabbits being perfect as pets. They are cute, as young and as older, and they have a friendly and very extroverted often very expressive personality that goes well with being a pet. All these points seem to make it easy to get a bunny as pet.

But a rabbit is an animal with needs and requirements that need to be fulfilled.

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Top 3 Bird Baths for Cage under $10

bird bathBirds love to bathe by nature. You can easily watch it if you place a bird bath into your backyard and observe all the birds using it frantically – as we saw it in our backyard. Even dozens of pheasants visited our bird bath daily and scrambled to take a bath at the same time. Pure fun!

Well, your little pet bird is the same. Since your bird cannot clean himself in rain, a puddle or stream or just hop through wet grass you need to provide your little friend an appropriate bird bath. I have some tips for you about bird baths.

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What you need to know before adopting guinea pigs

guinea pigGuinea Pigs are very high up there among the most popular pets for kids.  If you consider to get a guinea pig for your child or for yourself, here are some information about their behavior and needs.

It is doubtlessly important to have some knowledge about your new pet’s natural behavior and instincts in order to provide a perfect environment keeping your guinea pig happy and healthy.

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