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Best Guinea Pig Habitat

MidWest Guinea Habitat PlusGuinea pigs are kind of a guarantee for endless hours of fun. Keeping guinea pigs happy isn’t very difficult. With the right guinea pig habitat you already have a stable basis for creating health and happiness for your little furry friends.

I still remember when my nephew got his first two guinea pigs. He was immediately into creating the best habitat possible for his new friends.

As being a first time guinea pig owner there are some things you need to know about all the important facts around a good guinea pig cage.

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What you need to know before getting a ferret

ferret as petA dear friend of mine was visiting my blog and mentioned that her favorite pet would be a ferret. Why? Because they are so cute, so lively and playful. She is right, of course. Ferrets can be great pets. They are by nature cuddly and just love to play endlessly with you. Their energy sometimes seems to be limitless. As ferret owner you might get faster tired than your little furry friend.

Nevertheless ferrets have a unique character and special needs and requirements which makes a ferret not the right pet for everyone. There are some things you need to know before you decide to get a ferret for yourself or your family.

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Top 4 Cat Playpens between $100 and $250

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat PlaypenSo, your first question might be: why would I need a cat playpen?  Well, if you are a working person with one or more cats waiting at home for you, you might actually be interested.  A cat playpen could look on first sight a little intimidating in terms of the comfort for cats.  Some customers really mentioned their concerns before purchasing one of these Top 4 Cat Playpens, just to discover that their cats obviously love their new condo.

A Cat Playpen is definitely to be considered in very common situations that you might have with your cat or cats.  One of the most prevalent reason is the fact that you are for a longer time not at home and your cats are roaming freely your whole house or apartment, scratching where they shouldn’t.  Don’t forget to add a small litter box in the cat cage.

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Top 4 Chinchilla Cages under $130

Midwest Homes for Pets Chinchilla CageA long time ago I worked for some months in a Chinchilla Breeding Station in Hungary.  This station had dozens of chinchilla cages with hundreds of chinchillas.  I was totally fascinated by these small rodents with their thick soft fur, but mostly I was amazed about their motion-loving headstrong personalities.  In short time I advanced there as the chinchilla catcher – because of my fast reactions.  Those chinchillas though weren’t pets, the breeding parents you could even call to be wild.  But their babies were sold as pets to interested people all over the world.

This is the best situation if you want to get a Chinchilla as pet: getting them as young.  When you handle young chinchillas gently and patiently, your chinchilla will bond closely with you.

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