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Top 3 Parrot Playstands

Playful parrotsI already wrote about the playfulness of parrots, well, of birds in general. Having a parrot playstand brings their joyful characteristic even more out. Parrots just love to move around and are actually able to play and move on playstands for hours without seemingly getting tired.

A parrot playstand has so many good features, and they are not only for your parrot friend – some advantages are great for you, the bird owner. Let‘s find out what these top 3 parrot playstands are made of.

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Creative Foraging Feeder for Parrots

Parrot Creative Foraging FeederParrots need a lot of stimulation. As parrot owner you know how intelligent parrots are and how much they like to learn, to play, to explore, to just do wild things.

One way for you to keep your parrot entertained, even when you‘re not around, is placing a foraging feeder into your parrot‘s cage. There is no parrot in the world that wouldn’t immediately figure out how to use this creative toy and to joyfully play with it every day.

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