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Lizard Hammock Lounger

lizard on hammockIf you have a pet lizard, a bearded dragon or hermit crabs you might consider getting your pet a lizard hammock lounger. Lizards of all kinds just love to sunbathe or in their case better said warmth-bathe.

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Turtle Basking Platform

Penn Plax Turtle Basking PlatformWhy do turtles need a basking platform in their turtle tank? Basking is a natural behavior of turtles that’s important for them in order to stay healthy. Turtles are so-called cold-blooded and need therefore basking in the warmth. This would be somewhere in the sunshine in nature or on a basking platform under a heating lamp.

It’s important to know that the basking platform only needs to be about 10 degrees F warmer than the water temperature in order to lure the turtles onto the platform.

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Top 5 Reptile Resting Places between $5 and $20

Crocodile SkullReptiles need a space where they can rest, sleep, recover and of course hide.  A very important need of your reptile.  Reptile resting places are actually a must for your reptile aquarium or terrarium. There are so many different variations of reptile resting places available.  You can find comfortable hammocks with ladders to climb up or caves with a real life look.  It’s amazing.

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Top 4 Fish Tank Accessories between $5 and $14

aquarium accessoriesI grew up having a single goldfish that lived his first years in a tiny round fish tank until we got him – I actually found out very late that he was male – a bigger fish tank.  And with the bigger fish tank, well, of course the fish tank accessories suddenly got interesting.

From my experience I can say that first I thought fish tank accessories are mainly made for human entertainment or aesthetic needs.  But while this might be true – hopefully is – the fish is enjoying them equally if not even more.   My little goldfish became so playful after we added several different fish tank accessories.  It definitely worked!

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