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Top 3 Dog Shoes/Boots under $20

dog shoes dog bootsYou have generally two ways to protect your dog‘s paws. You get an all-natural dog paw protection product or you get dog shoes or dog boots. Both have their advantages.

Why would you need to get your dog paw protecting shoes at all? And what do you have to make sure when you choose the right dog boots for your dog? I have the answers.

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Use a dog harness to stop your dog from pulling the leash

 dog with dog harnessI visited recently a dog owner who couldn’t control his dog while walking. Their walk was more a “dog walks man” than “man walks dog”. You know what I mean. This kind of pulling at the leash like crazy wouldn’t be so painful for the dog if he had a dog harness. But well, just having a dog harness doesn’t solve the pulling-the-leash problem.

A dog harness is nevertheless the better solution for any overly energetic dog than a simple leash or even a retractable leash. It is holding the body of the dog instead just his neck and feels definitely more comfortable for the dog.

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