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Top 3 Pet Food Mats between $10 and $20

Reopet Silicone Dog Cat Food PadDogs and cats can really be messy eaters. This is in most cases a problem because their food and spilled water is all over your floor and eventually in your whole home.

Some pet owners only discover the amount of spilled water and food after they get one of these great pet food mats and see how much food and water is being collected on it.

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Top Cat Scratcher Lounge

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher LoungeCats love to scratch, I wrote about this nice cat feature already. If you don‘t want to have your furnitures scratched and curtains shredded by your cats I invite you to take a look at this cat scratcher lounge.

The great thing about it is that it‘s actually two items in one. You have a scratcher and you have a lounge.

Cats generally find out really fast how to use the double feature of this top cat scratcher lounge.

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Bestsellers in May 2017


I now can present my list of the best selling items on Animals Small and Big that people chose and purchased in May 2017.

I invite you to take a look at what has made its entry to the bestseller list of May 2017.

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Top 4 Large Dog Beds between $80 and $240

PetFusion Dog LoungeOne main reason for getting a dog bed is a dog’s explicit wish for having his own place.  You can even call that a wish for privacy.  It’s true.  As much as dogs love your company and attention, they also need their calm moments, a place where they can retreat and find peace.

Another important reason speaking for a dog bed is the hygiene factor.  A dog is never as clean as humans are, and I don’t just speak about their hair all over your place.

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